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Jul 26, 2008
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Summer squash (@Alaskan) , I like both zucchini and yellow for the color, tomatoes - saute an onion then add the tomatoes and squash - some seasoning - I use Goya adobo - basil adds a nice touch - cook on low heat. Oops forgot the Kerry Gold Irish butter.
I will take the butter... you can keep the rest!



Driving my husband crazy 1 chicken at a time!
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Dec 31, 2014
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Fried Okra! Fried chicken! Fried fish! French fries....anything fried that won't crawl off my plate:drool

I love fried foods but haven't eaten any in a long long time. But Fried Okra is about the only way I like it. I used to buy fried okra in boxes and either fry it or bake it.

Got the word from the doctor today. October 27th I see the GI. Feeling better this afternoon. Not perfect but better. I'll settle with that for now.

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