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Crossing the Road
May 17, 2020
Red Level, AL
Pouring rain here this morning, just gray and soggy. But I don't care. I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee in 3 weeks. No diet restrictions but the new med for IBS said avoid caffeine. Decaf? No worries. At least it tastes more like coffee than tea does...
I'm on bread and water rations, plus yoghurt today! At least until we get done making a lot of practice flights to the drop zone.


Driving my husband crazy 1 chicken at a time!
6 Years
Dec 31, 2014
NE Missouri
I used to work with people who drank Pepsi for breakfast.

It's one of those crappy miserable, drippy, rainy, blah days so I'm cleaning drawers. Got the Silverware drawer done and sorted out silverware that we don't use. Just finished lunch. Next on the to do list, a crock pot of home made veggie soup.

I went out to feed the chickens and fill the rodent bait traps after last nights whack-a-mole free for all with the 4 mice. I opened the big pop door to toss out water and rinse out the main water bowl in the big coop and three birds went out in the rain. What ever floats their boat although I told them they were insane, IMHO.

@bruceha2000. I drank enough hot tea to officially be considered British over the past three weeks.. I know I could have just as easily stayed with hot tea but I really enjoy a big mug of coffee in the morning even if it is decaf. I don't crave it in the mornings any longer but now I can enjoy one because I want a mug. I have always enjoyed hot tea in the afternoons in cold weather and in hot weather and most days it's iced tea. Once again, always decaf.

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