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That is too much!!! How is #3 doing with removal?
Well... he did well Thursday ... had to reweld twice (he welded up the plow mount), but the second time he reinforced it and it has been fine since.

A bit of a learning curve.

He plowed again some Friday morning... but more needed to be done... he had to stop to go to work...

Somehow I don't know how to use the thing... neither do the other kids... so spouse plowed Saturday! :th

Kid #3 works all Saturday.

Anyway... the plan is that kid 3 will teach me, and the other boys, how to use the bobcat, Sunday or Monday.

And........ Kid 3 smashed his lovely truck on Friday on his way to work.... I think he was stressed about being late to work because of the snow removal... and the roads were just terrible. Three other wrecks on the same stretch that day.

Kid is fine.... his truck is not... I haven't yet gotten a full truck damage report... he wrecked when almost at work, so got himself drug to work.

After that excitement, know what his job was that day?

Walking huge equipment 7 miles through frozen swamp and all this snow!!! :eek: His boss dropped him home at 9pm.

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