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Jun 19, 2013
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Clearly you and I are not related ;) Well, actually, I could see my younger sister doing that.

NEW outfit? He'll be cleaning out the closet of all his office work clothes and replacing them with "work around the house" clothes .... unless he has enough of those already. Won't have need of the "retirement outfit" again until the pine box comes along ;)
Bruce, he wears a uniform to work, so no office clothes. Living in the country, mostly all we have are "work around the house" clothes. Thus the need to get an outfit for the occasion.


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Apr 19, 2012
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No one will recognize him without the uniform! ;)

and it's not an unpleasant drive as it is on interstate.
Really. On the OTHER hand .... I find driving on the interstate less pleasant than driving back roads.

I have no desire to wind up on the bathroom floor puking my guts out again.
Now why would that be??

grave blanket
Had to look that up. Glad it is flowers and not a bed blanket. Had me really confused.

and Insurance companies didn't think they were doctors.
Wouldn't THAT be nice!!!
Dr called in a prescription to Express Scripts for me ... tablets. Turns out insurance won't pay for tablets. The ES pharmacist changed it to capsules. Insurance company will pay for capsules. SAME STUFF!

Dr moved, signed up with a new one, I'll have to remember to tell her I need CAPSULES when I need a refill.

There qwas a time back then not all folks where accepted LGBT
LGBTQ is still unacceptable for a lot of people.


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Dec 31, 2014
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Plus @bruceha2000. I got the final bill today from my morning spent in the ER two months ago.

Over 13,000.00 $. I gasped. I am sure my BP shot up to new heights at the very thought of that. Of course Medicare took care of most of it. Here's the kick. The medical center got just under 1000.00$ from Medicare and me. The rent a doctor who took care of me was 2000.00 added in with that total. I think I paid 38$. People wonder why medical care costs so much. Guess who picks up the slack? The people paying out of pocket with no insurance or medicare to help them with costs. Don't get me wrong I'm tickled pink to have Medicare but can you imagine being the poor soul who has to payout of pocket for their health care.

And doctors wonder why people put off going to them for legitimate health problems.

@Penny1960 Congratulations to the newlyweds! I hope they live long and prosper!

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