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    Dec 23, 2010
    I found, no kidding, a thick wad of papers stuffed into an old bag of mine. I read through them and was astounded. An old WC story! I'd turned the first few months of my RPing (starting from about September 2010) into a small novel.
    I thought I'd post it on here, because I thought it was cute. And maybe some of the newer people would like to see the good old days of WC wars and fighting, when there were, God, ten clan around? [​IMG]

    A couple of notes:
    1. I made up chapter 1, and also the beginning of Ocean Clan, but all the rest of the book are real events that were RPed.
    2. Stories were not created by me!!! RPers involved were: Crazy, Gerbil, Birdy, Chickie, Alternating Current, Duck (the blue radioactive one) et moi.
    3. I onoly got up to chapter 11. Even if I do continue after that, it probably won't be very good because I don't remember too much detail of the events that happened.

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    Jun 24, 2010

    And from the Boo-ster-
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    hey, what happen to boo herbil?
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    Dec 23, 2010
    N.B. These chapters don't contain much editing except from some pretty embarrassing parts I told Crazy about but he probably doesn't remember. [​IMG] They're also pretty much through my own experience so Delta and my other characters feature quite a lot at first before the action starts.


    Somewhere, it was sunny, and chickens' lives glowed also with freedom and friendship. They weren't restricted to tiny coops, but instead had huge acres of unspoilt forest that they could call their own. Groups of chickens collected together in such places, forming alliances to help them through the tough years, to grow in strength and power.

    Such groups were known as clans, and one such clan in the heart of the country was WingClan. The name wasn't very creative, but it portrayed nothing of the activity happening insides. The chickens had formed their own hierarchy and were friendly and fiercely loyal towards one another, always respecting ones in a rank above their own.

    The leader was a hen named Moonstar.
    She wasn't particularly talkative, but always liked to check up on the farings of her clan members and trying to make things better for them.

    It was this environment that Delta found herself projected into one day. She was a hen who had been alone much of her life and wandered from place to place. An interesting shade of green she was, with iridescent golden speckles on her neck that nobody could explain.

    She crashed through a hole behind a waterfall in the rock face, and landed with a thud in a huge pile of assorted berries and fruits.
    Splat! Juice splattered all over her feathers.

    A pair of eyes stared down at her accusingly. They belonged to a handsome young rooster with a glint in his eyes.
    Delta picked fruit peel off her face in an effort to look more presentable.
    "Good morning. I come in peace."
    The rooster cocked an eye. "Do you know of us?"
    "Us? There are more of you?"
    As if on cue, an even younger, serious-eyed hen looked over the rooster's shoulder at Delta, and at her feet stood three fluffy young rabbits poking each other in the face and skeaking angrily.
    "Oh, what darlings!" Delta commented.
    The hen laughed. "Don't mind the kits. They tend to go hormonal on us somethings. I'm Red, and this is my friend BrightFlight."
    Delta extended her wing. "Pleased to meet you. Delta." BrightFlight accepted the wing.
    "Do you all live around here?"
    "Oh yes," Red answered. "ALL of us." She swept a wing around the clearing and Delta could see as many as seven other faces staring back at her, "My word."

    A young hen smiled openly. She was small and white, with black lacing. "I'm IcePaw. I'm glad you found us, we needed some new blood. I was hoping someone would get Tysontoe here away from me before I have to forcefully throttle him..."
    Another young rooster lunged at IcePaw and they swatted each other, laughing.

    Red said, "I'm also a Paw - that means I am an apprentice. Young chickens like us who have grown out of chickhood are assigned a mentor who will train us to become warriors. Can you fight?"
    Delta laughed. " I could kick your butt any day!" she winked.
    :Oh yeah? You wanna bet?" Red challenged back.
    BrightFlight had already started to retreat, as if to give them space, and the others moved to form a ring around Delta and Red. Delta's heart sank - she wasn't serious! IcePaw shot her a thumbs up and an older, wise-looking hen raised her eyetufts. "Play nice, Red, we wouldn't want to scare off a newcomer."
    "Yes, Moonstar," Red said quite seriously.

    This is the part that's made up. Although some of you would know that already. [​IMG]

    BrightFlightlifted his wing. "Get ready! FIGHT!"
    For a few seconds, Delta just stared at Red in shock, as if not wanting to hurt her. Then she thought, I'll play nice too, and lunged at Red's feet. Red was already lifting off though, and Delta skidded through the dirt only to have the other hen land on her back and pin her down firmly.
    It won't be that easy! she though, rolling under Red's feet easily as she was small, thrusting her wings out, propelling Red into the air. She lifted off too, it was time to show off her flying skills. Delta loved flying. She shot up and slammed her head into Red's belly, winding her before twisting out of reach.
    The other chickens cheered them both on from the sidelines. A motherly hen's eyes opened wide as she called "DELTA! Careful!"
    Delta was unprepared for Red's comeback. She had suddenly climbed and was coming at Delta on an angle. The two hens collided in midair, the momentum sending them both crashing into a large oak tree.

    When Delta came around, BrightFlight was standing over her and Red inside a room of some sort, while the motherly hen mixed something sweet-smelling inside a tree hollow.
    "Welcome to the med den," he said cheerfully. "You did good out there! StarryNight here is just helping me make something to get your strength back up."
    Red opened her eyes too. "That was a great fight. What a find!"
    "You'll be okay with us in case we get invaded," BrightFlight explained. "We need good fighters to help defend our territory."
    "You split the land up?" Delta asked.
    "Oh yes, we're not the only clan out here, naturally!"
    "Although we haven't had much trouble from the others as of yet."
    Delta hadn't been expecting such a warm welcome. She liked the feeling of having friends. It would mean there was always someone there when you woke up in the morning, maybe even someone to believe in her still even after everything went wrong.

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    Dec 23, 2010
    They were so much fun. I loved all the other little sub clans we had going. Those are involved too. [​IMG]

    It does take a while for the fighting to start though, I began by introducing everyone.
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    Thank you for taking the time to write this for us. It is so nice to be able to look back at the good old days and to recall all of the fun times we had together. And thank you for including Starrynight in there. [​IMG]

    I wish we could somehow bring back the old Wingclan. With ShadowClan and Mountainclan and all of the other competing clans in the realm of the chickenclans. Those were the days that I can actually look back on and say that I thoroughly enjoyed roleplaying. I remember there being nights where I would stay up late - just to see what happened next. The suspense during big wars and other events was actually agonizing!

    It's nice to see you again, good ol' Felta. I missed you.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    They were so much fun. I loved all the other little sub clans we had going. Those are involved too. [​IMG]

    It does take a while for the fighting to start though, I began by introducing everyone.

    I was so angry when they closed MountainClan [​IMG] ShadowClan needed a new enemy [​IMG]

    Remember Arlanda? And the epic monster who nearly killed Iceberry and started war against ShadowClan?! [​IMG]

    Good times, good times!

    I miss the old Wc! Loved your story!!!

    I Whilst pm you Hen!

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    Quote:I was so angry when they closed MountainClan [​IMG] ShadowClan needed a new enemy [​IMG]

    Remember Arlanda? And the epic monster who nearly killed Iceberry and started war against ShadowClan?! [​IMG]

    Good times, good times!

    I miss the old Wc! Loved your story!!!

    I Whilst pm you Hen!

    okay then [​IMG]
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    That night, after the commotion of a new arrival had settled down, she found herself alone at the food pile with BrightFlight. He and Red had given her a thorough tour of the extensive camp - showed her where she would roost with the other warriors, the safe den where the chicks were kept, the stream that was their steady water supply.
    Red had disappeared underground.

    "She's putting the kits to sleep," BrightFlight explained. "We prefer to have base camp underground - it's more secure, as we have an advantage over any predators that we know the way and they don't. it's quite an extensive network, it took us and the kits months to get it all dug out."
    He led her under, where small lamps crackled in corners that cast warm light through the tunnels, and a gentle draft billowed by way of ventilation. The first entrance branched off into seven tunnels - and Delta could see two of them split further. She stared, gobsmacked.
    "Sorry! Didn't mean to frighten you! Do, tell me, how did you find us anyway?"
    "By total accident."
    They'd started along the fourth passage.
    "I'd met a rooster I was trying to impress out by the waterfall, so I flew right through the falls. I was expecting to push myself off the cliff and fly back out to him, but my feet met thin air and I fell right through this hole onto the food pile."
    BrightFlight chuckled. "Do that's what it was... So you're taken then?" he joked.
    Delta laughed. "Don't."
    Red looked up from the kits' burrow at the commotion. "Hi, you two. Bonding already, I see?"
    Delta was about to protest when they heard a worried IcePaw calling out from above. "Tysontoe? TYSON!" she shouted.
    BrightFlight was already on his way out, and Red followed with Delta after fanning out the kits' light.
    IcePaw was alone. "Tyson's gone missing!" she exclaimed. "He won't answer, and I haven't seen him since sunset!"
    "Cripes," Red said. "Did you see where he went?"
    "He's definitely gone out of the boundary, or he'd be able to hear me!"
    BrightFlight headed straight for the hole in the cliff, shouting :I'll take the paht up north! Red, IcePaw, search the wildflower fields."
    Red hesitated as she looked at Delta. "Do you want to come too?"
    Delta nodded. "I'd love to help."
    The three hens shot like bullets into the wild unknowns, calling for Tysontoe as they went.
    But soon, as the others wandered further and further away, Delta was nowhere to be seen.

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    Dec 23, 2010
    Quote:Hey Birdy [​IMG]
    I do remember some of our "late nights" (well, afternoon for me [​IMG]) They were great fun! I can't believe that was last year already, it seems like just yesterday. [​IMG]

    And I couldn't leave Starry out, she helped name Brookchick I think. [​IMG] (Sadly, I didn't get up to the part about Delta having children. [​IMG])

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