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    Aug 2, 2013
    So I've had a handful of Coturnix quail for a while now...about 15. So far all I've found are a few eggs scattered about, usually one or two every few days, that I pick up for eating. Well, I have one very determined quail brooding! I'm very excited that she has decided to go the mommy route, but I know that it's late in the summer and the weather is beginning to chill--it's averaging about 20 degrees cooler now than it has been. She's been laying on some eggs for about a week now, and I was wondering what the chances of hatching are and what I should do if/when the cheeps do hatch. Should I take them up and brood them or will her matronly skills surpass that of just sitting in one spot and keeping the eggs in will she take care of her babies herself? Right now she's nested under the chicken coop and the chickens don't seem to be bothering her in the least--today it's been chilly and rainy and some of the maturing hens (even though they haven't begun egg production themselves) that she was raised with are snuggled up around her keeping her--and presumably her eggs--quite warm. It's very sweet. I know she only has about another week before they start hatching, so any info would be quite helpful!

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