The one that rolled away....


May 22, 2015
Chattanooga Tn
admittedly, I'm an amateur at duck brooding. This is the first time I've attempted to let my girls hatch their eggs. In my research I missed where I should add a lip to the front of my hen's nesting house to prevent eggs from rolling out.
6 of her 10 eggs were laying outside, and I could see where she had attempted to get a few back in.
The temperature was in the 50's this morning, and I'm not sure how long they were left out. However, I picked them all up & put them just inside her nesting house. She immediately rolled them all back under her.
She's a first time mom, and the eggs didn't exactly feel warm. They roughly have a week until they're due to hatch. I guess what I'm wondering is if they're a lost cause?

The white Peking is the father and the chocolate and Blue Muscovy are the layers.


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