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Jul 4, 2016
Hi, Meg here, I was raised in Calif. with all sorts of birds and barnyard creatures. My childhood consisted of the gathering of eggs, mite treatments, species separation and who to invite to dinner.
When I grew up and moved out, I wanted to have nothing that pooped, and that's what I got until my own children were born. (Poop happens

Now that my children have flown the coop and are out in college, I have filled my empty nest with ducks! Best decision ever!

I purchased 2 ducklings, Garfunkle , a blue Swedish and Simon, a black Swedish in May 2016. 2 days later 3 mallards were found abandoned by a coworker. So they too joined my Paddling, as they were nearly identical, they were named Daryl, Brother Daryl and OBD (other brother Daryl)

Two weeks later yet another duckling was found in a coworkers window well, and Pipsqueek brought our Paddling to 6.

They all free range in my yard and backyard pond here in Utah. They have a coop and a sturdy enclosed fence area where they sleep. I have heaters, and insulation for winter but hope the Daryls and Pipsqueek find their instinct to go south with the rest of the local ducks. If not we'll all be cozy here.

I've found this site and you members to be very helpful so far. And let's face it, my coworkers are really tired of my hourly duck updates. However did I survive 18 to 46 without ducks?

Still trying to learn...

Best course of actions for the flight ducks. I really don't want them flying into neighbors dog, but my attempt at saving their lives should not rob them of freedom. Perhaps I'll bring them to the local wet lands as a group when the rest of their flight feathers are in.

Also learning everything I can about the Swedish breed and ducks in snow.

Thank you all for your help so far!
Hi Meg and welcome to BYC - thanks for such an interesting intro. Please make yourself at home here on BYC.

Best wishes

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