The Peep - 2 weeks old today

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    [​IMG] The Peep is two weeks old today. Here are some snippets of 2 weeks worth of living:

    • Faster than a speeding bullet is an achievable goal
    • Leap tall buildings with a single bound is also within reach
    • The chicken wire has just-right Peep-sized holes in it
    • Pumpkins have the best leaves for hiding Peep-sized Peeps (whilst Mum is <ehem> bathing)


    • Not to eat anything that Mum doesn't approve, especially if it's clean and in a specially-designed chook dish (dirty bug looking things on the ground are OK)
    • Absolutely, under no circumstance, eat anything that looks like "chick starter"
    • Always eat enough mealworms to get a Quasimodo look-alike crop
    • Tree limbs make good perches
    • If it's a little cold or scary, head-butt Mum and she'll keep a Peep warm and safe
    • Did you know so much joy could come out of a common breakfast egg?

    Feel free to suggest other 2-week-old wisdoms that your Peeps have learned!

    Blessings, SBoiled, The Peep and the 3 TRex

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    May 11, 2010
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Cute!! Any more pictures? [​IMG]
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    That's adorable! Love the picture too. [​IMG]

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