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    Apr 22, 2009
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    The X-mas season is fast approaching and I just HAD to comment on my new gift...

    My best friend was moving to another state and before she left, she brought me over a Bissel Spot-Bot because she said "I just know you'll use this". A nice little compact unit used for spot cleaning. As she showed me how to use it, in the back of my mind, I thought "I'll rarely use this but what a nice gesture"...

    Boy was I wrong! I am a nerd about clean carpets!! I always lug out my big Bissell for any type of spot that appears on my carpet...and I have this long haired cat that ALWAYS pukes [​IMG]...this morning, she puked up one of those long balloons you use to make silly animals and what not...that left me with 2 spots that needed shampooing....

    I stuck that little Spot Bot on the 1st spot, hit the button, went in the other room and started to drink a cup of coffee [​IMG]. When it beeped to signal that it was done, I set it on the other spot, hit the button and went back to my coffee [​IMG]...with little to no effort on my part....VOILA!! puke spots gone!! No more lugging out my big steamer, waiting for the water to run hot, just simple clean up. Since she has given me that little gem I have fallen in [​IMG] with it!!

    So if you're wondering what to get that special someone for X-mas...this just might hit the spot!!! [​IMG]

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