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    We, as a Breeders Club in a not that big city, have a problem. Less and less people want to have chickens and many old show breeders give up b/c they are to old to care for their prized birds.
    Every year we organize a small show event with around 100 birds.
    Putting chickens into show cages for a weekend is not exactly a magnet for the masses anymore here.
    I know may people care about ethical treatment of livestock but often people don't see themselfs as chicken owners b/c they don't know how lovely chickens are.
    Many of you are new to chickens and never been to a poultry show.
    So I would love to know how a chicken/poulry show event should look like so that you would bring your family and friends.
    How should the birds be presented?
    Would you like to have information about the breeds and what form of information you think is needed?
    Would you go to a talk/lecture about chicken keeping? What information was crucial for you as a starter? What would be interessting for people how think about having chickens?
    When we invite speekers, what ariea would be interessting for you? A vet? Someone form chicken welfare?
    Would you like to see diffent chicken coops/runs at the show?
    Or what would make the perfect show for everyone, not only "Poultry People"?

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    In England they have egg shows at the poultry shows. Some of he egg costumes are really creative. They have all kinds of categories. Maybe you could do a Halloween theme this time of year. Or whatever Holiday is close to the show. Open the competition to the local folk too. Let them bring eggs from the grocery and decorate them. Then bring them to the show. .Make all kinds of fun categories and everyone gets some kind of prize. I am in the USA and think this would be a great idea for here in the States.
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    This is a good idea, thanks.

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