The perpetual Molt?


6 Years
Aug 11, 2013
It seems like my ducks are in some sort of perpetual molt ... My drake is constantly picking at himself and I have no idea why. I've examined his feathers, looked through his chest, neck, wings and found nothing - no red mites, not black specks, and nothing jumping around. What is up with all these feathers in the run and him picking at himself almost all the time? I can't phantom him being in pain or uncomfortable and not doing anything about it

Do I need to look somewhere else on him? I clean their coop everyday - Their pool has a filter on it and is also cleaned out completely once a week. Anyone help me out?

Sure he is picking and not preening? Ducks have 2 complete body molts and one wing molt per year, buy stakes and ducks usually do not molt at the same time so with several birds, someone will probably be molting at any point in time.

Maybe he is preening himself - He spends so much time doing it - Is that normal? My hen doesn't seem to preen herself nearly as often - only when she comes out of the water - but him, oh my - it's alarming.
If preening, sounds normal to me. Also remember that several exaggerated preening motions are actually courtship a drake will appear to preen more.

Aye - Insanity. So, In your opinion - Would adding another Hen only make him inclined to preen more?

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