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  1. NathanZee

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    Welcome to the pet pigeons thread! I hope we can all have a fun time talking about our pigeons.

    Some suggested topics to start off...

    Where our pigeons live?

    What kind of pigeons we have?

    How many we have?

    What we feed them?

    What are their names?

    There are a few people that I know have pigeons on here, so I'll tag all your names. [​IMG]
    @GoldenFlight ,




    I know I'm forgetting someone.... [​IMG]

    And someone who doesn't have pigeons yet, but is on her way to selling all her chickens and getting some. [​IMG]


    To start the conversation, a lovely little baby. [​IMG]
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  2. Spyderk117

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    Mar 18, 2016
    Great thread Joel! I will post pics tomorrow.[​IMG]
  3. NathanZee

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    I'll start off with answering the questions.

    Where our pigeons live?
    My pigeons live in our large coop along with our ducks. I don't have any great pictures of their home right now since we repainted but I will take some soon.

    What kind of pigeons we have?
    I and my brother have 6 Birmingham Rollers, 1 Oriental Roller, 1 Kormorner Tumbler, 1 feral, 1 Lahore, 1 German Modena, and two Oriental/Kormorner crossbreeds.

    How many we have?
    I guess I just listed that above, 13. [​IMG]

    What we feed them?
    They get Kaytee bird seed (I can't remember what it's called), Safflower, and occasional treats.

    What are their names?
    In order of how long we have had them:


    The two babies don't have names yet, I'm open to suggestions!

    Some pictures!


    This is Everest incubating Marco and Taylor as eggs.

    Everest and Pearl flying.

    Marco and Taylor almost grown up, in June.

    Tauriel and Susan as babies.

    Cloey as a baby. She was the most awkward looking, adorable baby pigeon ever! [​IMG]

    Some of the pigeons out foraging

    Marco has recently molted into adult plumage, and he is very very proud of his glistening neck feathers!

    I'll post more pictures soon when I can take some!
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  4. NathanZee

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    Thanks! I can't wait to see them!
  5. Alexandra33

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    I'm stopping by for a couple reasons - number one, this is an AWESOME thread overloaded with cuteness! [​IMG] Number two, I don't remember authorizing you to spread such rumors. [​IMG]

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    Mar 18, 2016
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  7. NathanZee

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    A rumor isn't a rumor if its true DIYH. [​IMG]
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  8. jak2002003

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    Oct 24, 2009
    Where my pigeons live....

    My first few 3 pairs lived in a big wire dog crate each in back yard. Let out to fly every day and shut in at night. As they had babies I built them a coop. Now they have a lot and I moved house.. so then made them a big wire aviary in the garden to live in with the back, top and one side solid and sand as the floor. They all still come out to play every afternoon for a few hours.

    What kind of pigeons I have..

    Old Dutch Capuchines, Red, White, Black, Tiger and Pied.
    2 female White homers
    Many mix breeds... Dutch Capuchine X white homers X utility kings in various combinations.

    How many I have....

    Started with 3 pairs... pair each of each breed.... now have a lot... not counted them... think down to about 30 after I sold a lot... and I have stopped them breeding for now.. giving them fake eggs to look after. I still have my original pigeons from 9 years ago that got me started (except my king pigeons which I sold). Even though I have so many pigeons I do recognize them all... even the pure white ones have different eyes or faces, or shapes and behave differently.

    What I feed them.....

    Chicken layer pellets, mixed small grains, dry green peas and also raw peanuts as treats and for training them to come back when called. They also have oyster shell and grit.

    What are their names.

    My original bird's name's.

    Black Capuchine Pair..... Coal and Lady.
    Brown Capuchine Pair..... Teddy and Mocha
    White Capuching Pair..... Snowball and Icy.
    White Homer female Pair.... Sky and Cloud.

    Some of the mix breeds have names....
    Tiger who has lots of red stripes and spots,
    Eagle (she has colours of American bald eagle and is huge),
    Sooty (White with grey dusting on head, neck and black wing and tail bars).

    Also have one very mean bully female white homer X king pigeon called Nasty. She is the boss of the coop. I would have sold her a long time ago, but she has one very good virtue... she is great at fostering and rearing orphaned squabs... and even hatches out a few bantam chicken eggs sometimes. She is the best mother pigeon I have.. very attentive and protective of her babies.

    I will try to get some photos tomorrow and show you a few of my pets.
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  9. Lozuufy

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    May 20, 2012
    Where my pigeons live?
    Half live in a large cage at the edge of the woods and half live in the "Nutty Mansion", much better built, I'll elaborate and post pics later

    What kind of pigeons do I have?
    Started out with rollers, one damascene, got a couple owls, one fantail and a homer. Now all the babies are mixes.

    How many?
    17, maybe 19 if my dad forgot to remove the eggs from one pair while I was gone :p

    What do I feed them?
    Depends on what I have and the time of year, right now they get mostly cracked corn. In the spring they get mostly chicken layer pellets with a little bit seed mix (expensive because it has non gmo corn in it). They also get greens and extra seeds from the garden in the summer, working on growing a'll the food my birds need.

    What are their names?
    In order of when I got them
    Nutty (just turned 3, my first pigeon)
    BB (short for Blackberry)
    Luna (my favorite color, brown dilute)
    Homer (rescued homing pigeon with broken wing, can't fly)

    I'm currently in Costa Rica and the WiFi isn't great where I am so I can't post pics, will post them when I get back on Monday.
  10. Hokum Coco

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    Dec 6, 2012
    New Brunswick,Canada

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