The point of parakeet treats?

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    Mar 14, 2011
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    Hey peeps. I have three common crazy keets.

    What's the point of the hard block treats that are called things like "honey sticks", etc? It's really a formed block of seed that's held together by something sticky. My birds are eating it as we speak, but it doesn't make much sense to me. If they are shelling the seeds, what does it make a difference with what they're coated with? I also add a vitamin liquid (per the instructions) to both their water and general seed cup. What's the point in adding it to the seeds if they are simply going to take the hulls off when they eat? I'm considering switching over to pellets, but the birds get a variety of foods including greens and fruits along with their seeds, treats and millet spray.
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    I think its just something different for them to mess with. They set in that cage day in and day out, or I am assuming they do, and it has to be a little bit boring, so its just like a new toy. Mine LOVE them, will work and work and work on them until they are gone, and then they want to chew on the little plastic stick they were molded on.
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    If you shelled peanuts with your mouth, you'd be able to taste whether they were salted or not. So maybe they lick the stuff off the seeds while they're hulling them?
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    If they like it, then there's nothing wrong! [​IMG]
    I have the same things, and mine won't even touch them.
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    The point is that people buy them, so they'll continue to be produced.

    But then, why do people buy them? We like to consider our pets our "other kids" and like to spoil them. We'll often think "this sounds like something I'd enjoy" and translate that to our pets. Also, birds in captivity don't have nearly as much to do in their days as those in the wild, since their food is easily accessed from a food dish. Things like the honey sticks give them something to do -- they have to work for their food -- and keeps them from finding a more destructive form of fun -- like when my Sammy decides that buttons are evil and must be removed from my shirts when I have laundry on the bed.

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    Quote:Well, they are able to taste, and those things taste sweet to them. Add to that the brain activity from shelling and eating, and it's a really fun treat for the little budgies.

    My conures loved them.
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    At least you can sew most buttons back on... unlike re-constructing the rubber pads under the keys on laptops... [​IMG]
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    At least you can sew most buttons back on... unlike re-constructing the rubber pads under the keys on laptops... [​IMG]

    I could, if the buttons weren't split down the middle in the process of removing them....sometimes I catch him before he finishes, and I have some shirts with a random half-button still attached.

    But that's the joy of having these monkeys-with-wings for pets.

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    Sorry off topic but Aquaeyes I love your amazon! Double yellow head?
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    Ah! He sure does more than remove buttons, he removes and annihilates them!

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