The poop coop

Chicken poppy

May 9, 2021
This is inspired by fluffy butt acres, ours is called “The poop coop” feel free to share some stories and i hope i can do the same!

Currently, we have Truffles, emily, rizo, isbe. Sweet pea & fluffy had left the apartment [we had to get rid of them] Truffles is a pretty sweet roo, we are definitely planning on expanding the flock because 4 - 1 rol isnt a great combo.
ill probably add some more photos but heres a group pic!

Here you can see some of them properly, except rizo and fluffy isnt in this photo, we also got Rid of sweet pea and fluffy because they were roosters, and we couldnt have 3 - 4 hens, thatd be way to much! They were aggressive aswell. The pastel yellow is EE sweet pea, *roo* one on the very left is isbe, always forget her breed for some reason! One in the very back is a bantom, and one in that corner over on the right is young truffles black hedemora.
this is a very old photo from when they were young. Look forward to seeing you share your poultry stories!

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