the power of pigs(LONG!)

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  1. I laugh so hard everyday, I just had to share. I got 4 potbelly pigs last week. they are small, not sure how old, but all females. I have all the goats, chickens, ducks, and a goose...I thought, 'no problem these little pigs will fit right in' The first 3 days they were confined to the barn where the goats 2, I came home from work to find ALL the goats sleeping on the front porch [​IMG] I's a nice night, maybe they just wanted some fresh air??? I didn't think anything of it. I went out to feed them the next day, put the pigs food in the barn, everyone was well. day 3, come home from work again to find all the goats on the porch AGAIN all glaring at me [​IMG] what did I do?? I went to bed and when I got up the next mourning, I could see from my bedroom window that one of the goats had opened the side door on the barn and that meant the pigs had probably gotten out...sure enough I saw one run across the yard, followed by the other 3. No goats in sight. I got up and got dressed and went to get everyone fed. As I walked out the back door, I noticed the goats looked ancy, and they were glaring at me again. Then I found out came the line of pigs running across the yard, barely visible above the goat called out, and they all RAN!!! all the way to the other side of the yard!!! Then the pigs got near the ducks, and they all ran flapping and quacking to the pond. The pigs, now having all the space to themselves, spread out under the porch. I looked behind me and ALL the goats were peeking around the house to see if the little menaces were gone...I was busting up [​IMG] the goats were glaring again! then, the ducks came up to the edge of the pond, craning their necks to look around the yard, they wouldn't come all the way up the slope, but one of them got an itch, and stopped looking to scratch, and the other 3 girls turned to look at her like she was the worst creature on the earth!!! they saw the pigs come around the corner toward the pond [​IMG] and they dropped back down the hill to the water. This has gone on everyday this week, and I have laughed so hard, my stomach hurts!! I have started calling them the terroristas!! Well, sorry if I bored ya, hope you got a laugh! just had to share!! [​IMG]
  2. i literally just laughed out loud...! nice..
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    omg [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] What a great mental picture....Tooo funny!! Thanks for that!
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    ROFL [​IMG] cant you take a pic? so we can see as well?
  6. I will take one tonight, so you can all see the size difference! they are kinda getting used to each other, but now I have a calf I am bottleffeding, and they are afraid of him too!
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  8. Quote:Just read it! thx!! luckily they are the smallest of all my animals in the yard, so they haven't tried to eat anyone yet, although they do manage to keep the goats away from the feeding trough, which I didn't think was possible!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] That's hilarious. Can't wait to see the pics!

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