The price of fertilized eggs? Are you kidding me!!!

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    Apr 4, 2008
    Ok I don't get it- I just gave my SIL some eggs from my Brahmas and she was thrilled! She said they kept her from feeling hungry all day. ( I wish I had that luck) She then told me that when she goes to the health food store they charge extra for "fertilized" eggs- WHAT!!!!!!! I thought that fertilized eggs aren't any different excepted you can hatch a fertilized egg? Is there something I missed or are the customers getting hosed??? I think I'll start selling my "Fertilized" eggs soon [​IMG]
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    They're getting hosed. Well, actually, I remember in the 70's that many health gurus were pushing fertilized eggs as better for you, some "life force" thing. They are the same, nutritionally, as unfertilized ones.
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    Hmmmm maybe they let them develope a bit and you have an egg and chicken in one meal?
    I'm sorry,,,,, I couldn't help myself....
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    We know of some people who swear they sell their eggs as "fertilized eggs" in a specialty market. They get $2 to $5 more per dozen than as "eggs", depending on the size of the eggs.

    Fertile, NOT developed.
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