The princeling is working on growing into his role as future King :)

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    So, three of my four straight-run SS have turned out to be cockerels, which is fine, as I wanted at least two flock roos. There are 21 pullets, so the ratio of hen to roo may be a bit dodgy, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    One of the SS cockerels, Rosco, is about a week older than the others, and has been a good boy since the start. He has looked after the three younger birds since I brought them home - he lets them sleep under him, shows them food,, lets them eat first, and keeps the mini-flock rounded up.

    Well, at least he WAS looking after the younger kids constantly...

    ...until he noticed that he was surrounded by beautiful older women.

    Over the past few days, the little wannabe studmuffin has taken to sleeping on the highest roosts surrounded by several of the thirteen-week-old pullets, leaving the young'uns to fend for themselves for roost space. He's associating with the big girls more often, and even has a new admirer, my smallest BO Honey. She follows him all over the run, which appears both to confuse and intrigue him, like, "I'm not quite sure why you're following me, lady, but I sort of like it." He finds something to eat, and she comes up to inspect it. He moves away, and she trots off after him. She's acting like he's the Justin Bieber of the juvenile chicken world.

    This morning I was in the coop tending to the youngest birds, who are still in Bird Alcatraz (their grow-out pen) locked away from the beaks of the others, when I heard a high-pitched "tuk tuk tuk" food call from the run fence just around the corner of the coop from the people door. I looked out to see who was talking, as I'd never heard that voice before (the SS have all been chirping until now). There was Rosco with five or six of the big pullets, all staring at a bright yellow bungee cord lying outside their fence while he tuk-tukked away. Nice try, little dude, but if you want to impress these ladies you'll have to find them something edible next time. [​IMG]

    We haven't heard him attempt to crow yet, but I'm sure it's coming. The two younger cockerels, Buford and Enos, are also pretty respectful of the ladies thus far (understandably, as some of those birds are positively Amazonian compared to their little eight-week-old butts), and of Rosco, since they seem to see him as protector and "mom." No doubt that'll change when everyone gets hormonal in a few weeks, but for now it's fairly peaceful in Coopland!

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