The Prodigal Rooster: The Story of Endurance

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    This is a story about my Silkie cross and the adventures he had growing up! Everything that you read is true! I watched him almost all the time growing up. As I watched him grow up, I called his story The Story of Endurance. The chapters get better and better as you keep reading!

    This story belongs to me. Please don't write another like it. You can write stories about chickens, but not like mine. NO copy/paisting. Thank you!

    Chapter 1 [​IMG]

    I was trying to get out of this thing! “Help!” I peeped out.
    No answer. “HELP!” I screamed again. I felt someone pulling my
    shell apart. “Mommy? MOMMY!” I peeped. “Help!” At this
    time I had grown an egg tooth. I used that to help me get
    out of my shell. I took a deep breath. I pressed my
    little feet as hard as I could against the shell. “Yay!” I peeped
    again. I had formed a little crack in the egg. I pecked at the
    crack with my egg tooth. It got bigger and bigger. I could see
    outside of my egg. I could see mommy and the other chicks!
    I bursted out of my egg. Lots of little peeps greeted me as I
    lay there. Most of the chicks had already dried off. “He’s ugly!”
    One of the chicks remarked. “Now, now chicks be kind.” mommy
    Said. After a few minuets I was all dried off. I walked proudly up to mommy and the others. “Now let’s see who’s ugly.” I said to the chick.
    He looked embarrassed, and backed into the corner. I walked under
    Mommy’s wing and fell asleep.

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    Magic Birdie land
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    Can we have more? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Maybe later [​IMG] BTW this is a true story. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thank you! All of the support couts!
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    Chapter 2 [​IMG]

    The next morning I woke up from mommy’s wing. I popped my head out from underneath. “Alright chicks! Time to go outside!”
    Mommy yelled. I heard lots of grumbling from the other
    chicks. “Can’t we rest for awhile?” One complained.
    “I’m sleepy too!” The other peeped. “No, chicks. We need to get
    out of here.” Mommy insisted. She got off of the nest and
    started to leave. “Hey wait for me!” I peeped. Then, all of the chicks
    tumbled out of the nest after her. “Where are we going mommy?”
    I asked. “We’re going back to the coop.” Mommy said.
    “Coop? What’s that?” I asked with enthusiasm. “You’ll soon see.” She
    said with a wink. We heard the fuzzy Silkie rooster give
    out a large crow. “What does that mean?” A chick asked.
    “That means he’s welcoming us home!” She said.
    "Suddenly, the big rooster came running at us. I screamed
    and ran under mommy’s wing. “Now, now chicks. You don’t need to be afraid.”
    The rooster said softly. “Come on chicks! Mommy said. Meet
    Your papa!” “Papa? PAPA!” All of the chicks screamed with delight.
    They jumped up and down with joy around him.
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    Anyone want another chapter? [​IMG]
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    loving it!!

    next chapter?

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    Here you are!

    Chapter 3 [​IMG]

    “Hey kids settle down!” Papa said. All of the chicks obeyed.
    Suddenly, a chick cried out “What are those things coming
    towards us?” “Those are called “Humans.” Chickadee answered.
    “Stay close to me chicks. There’s no telling what they’re up to!”
    “I’m scared!” One chick said. “Shush!” said another. Mommy
    puffed out her feather’s as the “Humans” approached. She
    said. “Stay away from my chicks! Stay away from my chicks!”
    Suddenly, a “Human” picked up mommy, and grabbed me.
    “Stop! Let me down! Let me down!” I screamed. The human
    grabbed me even tighter. Then he scooped up the rest of the
    chicks, and put them in a bucket along with Chickadee. “Human’s!
    Humph! If that’s the way they are, I’m never going to like them!
    I said. The bucket swung back and forth until it stopped. The human
    dumped us into a cage. The cage was roomy, and it had straw!
    “I like this environment!” A chick said. “Me too!” Said another.
    Mommy looked annoyed, but she too liked the place. “There you
    are chickies!” The human said. You’ll like this rabbit cage!”
    I didn’t understand what that ment. But then again I didn’t
    care. I fell asleep under mother’s wing.

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