The Psycho Predator....


8 Years
Jan 25, 2011
Plant City, FL
Well....I had a FIRST today with a new kinda predator I guess.....the other day on the way home from the feed store I lost a load of feed on the road...(thats a whole nuther story) but this older than me lady stops and helps me get it into her truck (after 2 people try to STEAL IT while Im sitting there-ugh!) and she follows me home and we unload and my feed room and brooder room are in the same building. She wouldnt take money or chickens in payment and wouldnt leave either...shes uses my phone to call her home and finds out her bathroom burned down from a brooder light in the bathtub) (OK!?!?!?!? I think I would be somewhere between racing home and having a panic attact but she just SITS THERE in my brooder room??), but seemed nice enough. Then when she told me where she lived I realized that she is who the locals call THE CRAZY GOOSE LADY (she makes people kiss her goose). Kinda sad as she seemed nice enough. She played with alllll my baby chicks and just wouldnt LEAVE. Finally my ex arrived, gave her a cup of coffee and she left. SAVED BY THE EX.-at least he was good for something! haha
The next day I go back to the feed store...and the gal says...SO AND SO WAS HERE AND TOLD ME ABOUT THE FEED FALLING OFF YOUR TRUCK! (small travels fast) I say..yes I guess the lady who helped me is the "Crazy Goose Lady" and no matter who she was she was my angel that day. They say yes THATS HER!!!....ok, at that point I was still thinking of her as my angel.

Well I do sell chickens from my farm (BY APPT ONLY)....I also raise many for birds, pet birds egg layers, have horses and dogs too....
Well my redneck alarm system started going off....which is 1 BAD dog and my pugs (they dont even bark like real dogs! LOL) and the guineas. I cannot see out all the way around the house and I am of all things...getting out of the shower-so no glasses and dripping wet. So I quicky throw on a tee and pants and flip flops and wondering WTH-I look out and only my trucks are parked out there...the gate is LOCKED and no one has CALLED. So I grab the gun (and not my glasses and Ima bout as blind as a bat without them) and head out the back door.

Well....low and behold here comes this person walking OUT of my brooder room with a BABY GOOSE tucked in her BRA. I really couldnt tell WHO it was at that point wihtout my glasses..I just held the gun ALMOST at her and said "I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT YOU HAVE ABOUT 1 MIN TO PUT DOWN THE BABY GOOSE AND GET THE BLEEP BLEEP OFF MY PROPERTY before I shoot first and call the law second). They put down the baby and left.

I was shook....I really DIDNT know who it was at that point. Then it dawned on me....IT WAS THAT POOR OLD CRAZY GOOSE LADY! I felt bad...then justified...then bad again...then justified in my actions. I went up to the fence and double checked my gate and sure nuf it was locked she had to have climbed the gate which ticks me off to no end when people do that...if its locked and there is a sign that says no trespassing...TAKE A HINT....Plus people damage the gate by climbing it and weaken it! The last person I pulled a gun on was a TECO (electric co) person who was walking around the property with NO UNIFORM and NO TRUCK (and had climbed the gate jsut to write down numbers off of area light poles so they could gps track them and the lines in event of hurricanes) and I made him pee his pants in front of mercy, just LEAVE and I dont care WHO YOU ARE you need to call FIRST. Then I called TECO and informed them that they NEED TO GET UNIFORMS on PEOPLE...even their contractors and they were quite understanding.

But why on earth was this lady IN MY BROODER ROOM and WALKING AWAY FROM MY BROODER ROOM with a BABY GOOSE IN HER BRA!??! I feel sooo bad, she seemed the lonely sort who needed a friend and loved birds....she had my ph number when she left the night she helped me...but OMG. I just needed to vent...I feel BAD, yet Im kinda weirded out....who would CLIMB a fence...NOT stop at the house FIRST or KNOCK and go right past a dog that wants to EAT HER to the brooder room and then walk out with a baby GOOSE in their BRA??? Im having a sleepless night!
The guineas just did their 2 am I probably see a possum call and I was UP AND OUT THE DOOR AGAIN, in my jammies, gun in hand. Im spooked!
I know you probably don't think this is funny yet but you have me rolling! I actually have a picture of a crazy old lady hoisting herself over the fence.

It sounds like you need a lock on your brooder now. Don't feel bad for defending your property. At least you didn't shoot her.
You can always try the old rock salt in the shot gun thing we were always scared of as kids.

I think you should press charges if you can.
Thanks you guys,,,,,Im laughing too....but youd have to see her to appreciate her....lets see if I can do it right. About 60 years old plus...when she helped me along the road she was wearing pants and a huge rhinestone belt that belonged on a tween, a see thru tank top with no bra, had the reddest hair Id have ever seen...and not a figure that was flattering to that outfit. Was kinda bragging about having an affair with so n so's 70 year old hubby (so there is hope for me yet I guess at not even 47 hehehe) What I saw today (dripping wet-no glasses on) was a tank top...same pants I THINK? and one of my little fuzzy baby geese tween her "gurls" was either pulled back or at home on a wig holder. I just totally zoomed in on the goose as it was the oddest sight I think Ive ever seen...I love on my babies too...but I HAVE BOUNDRIES and I AM NOT TUCKING A GOSLING OR A CHICK IN MY TA TA s LOL LOL

Im strikes me as funny now....but not at that moment....I have high dollar birds and generic birds all that had to be walked past to get INTO the brooder room. Why a BABY GOOSE??? Was she stealing it or mothering it?? (and she has her OWN geese-that you have to kiss if you stop at her house so say the locals). WHY WHY WHY??? Can someone be THAT OBSESSED???
You sound like my kind of girl. Don't know what to make of the goose lady. I guess we know why they call her crazy though!
You should not feel bad. Yes she helped you but you were nice to her too. She tried to take advantage of you. That is not nice. That actually makes me mad. Do people not realize the time, love, care and money we put into our animals. So to just come help yourself that is stealing. I am glad you saved your baby goose.

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