The Queen Gets A Throne of Her Own!

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    Apr 4, 2009
    Most flocks have a self proclaimed "queen of the flock", and mine is no exception. My queen is a black star. The other night near dusk they were getting on the roost and I heard commotion going on. She was not going to let anyone get near her apparently and she was trying to peck those that did. It was kind of like the kids riding in the car scenario "don't touch me" "don't look at me". Well, I have roosts on either end of my small coop. So I decided to take her off the roost she was on and put her on the other roost by herself. Well, you could tell she did not like that and tried to go down the small ramp to get back to the other side. I held out my hand and prevented her from doing so. I then decided to hold her in my arms, holding her close to me and petting her gently while she kind of "talked" about how mean I was. I was waiting for it to get a little darker so I could put her back on the roost again by herself thinking that if it was darker she would not try to go back over to the others. I got her on the roost and she stayed there for the night.

    Well, guess what? The last two nights when I have went out to lock them in, guess where she is? On the roost by herself, content as can be. She has decided that having the other roost to herself isn't so bad after all. No crowding, no touching, no stinky feather, feet, or other smells during the night. She is queen and she has a throne of her own!
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    All's well that ends well... Wait a minute, didn't somebody already say that? Glad to hear the Queen is now happy, and her subjects too:) ~G
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    As it should be. About time you got that straightened out. Did you think her royal higha** would roost with the peasants? [​IMG]
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