The results of buying sexed silkies from my pet chicken...

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    Sep 14, 2016
    There is a lot of controversy about where or not you can sex silkies. Some people believe that buying sexed silkies on is a scam and a waste of money. In September I decided to take a gamble and purchase 5 female silkie chicks, and 2 female rhode island red chicks. They were hatched on September 7th, and I got seven happy, healthy chicks on September 8. Six months later they all made it and I am happy I ordered them. I will say that my order was not cheap at all, and I will not always get my silkies from there because of the lack of availability and the price ($13.17 per female chick!!!), but I love my girls!


    Silkies: 4 out of 5 were hens!

    Call it good luck if you want, but I don't think it's a scam. I have never got a batch of silkies with this good of odds.

    Rhode Island Reds: both of them are hens and are laying eggs!

    I did expect them to be hens because they are standards.

    **If you have ever bought sexed bantams I would love to hear about it. Also your opinions on sexing bantams**
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    Wow, those are good odds. Next time I buy silkies I might consider that, although they are a little expensive. I bought my first two straight run from a feed store a while back, and count myself lucky that I ended up with a hen and a roo instead of two boys as I've heard of happening to a lot of people.
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    If they have good sexers, I don't know why it would be a scam. Most hatcheries guarantee 80-95% correct. I do know that some hatcheries won't sex bantams because they are so small and fragile.
    I did get six straight run bantams from Tractor Supply and had five out of six pullets. Perfect odds.

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