The rooster that doesn't roost.....


6 Years
Jun 12, 2013
My only Rooster, Teddy and one of my black Australorps do not roost at night. they usually sleep on the ground under everyone else. Is this normal??
I have 4 hens that refuse to roost, also. They roost in the nests. I have tried knocking them off after dark. Placing them gently on the roost. And just plain cussing them.

The next step is chicken soup...............
Yea, its only my rooster and one hen. our nests are closed up right now because they aren't laying quite yet, so we didn't want them sleeping in the laying nest. Then when it comes to the time of laying they will lay in other places.
We have a rooster that we raised from a chick that has never roosted. He is a standard Langshan, so he's very large, nearing 9 lbs and still a Cockerel. Wondering if that is part of the reason. I can't answer your question, but I am curious whether this is an indication of a problem, or puts them at a future health risk being on the floor of the coop at all times (when not outside). Anyone with thoughts on that?

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