The Rooster Who Broke His Neck and Lived

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    May 19, 2014
    2 years ago, I had a beautiful RLW rooster named Apollo. He was one of three boys, Rocky the main man, and his adopted brother Gizmo. He was always shy with the other chickens, and was never allowed to mate. He never crowed. His brother Gizmo was VERY mean. Mean to the hens, mean to me, and mean to him.

    One horrid day, I went out to the coop to see my beloved Apollo crinkled up in the corner of the coop. His neck was broken, and I don't know how he was still alive. He was obviously attacked by Gizmo and hit the side of the coop wall. Horrified, I swooped him up holding his head and neck as still as possible.

    After I rushed him in the house I assessed the situation. His neck was broken and was twisted 90 degrees so his head was facing up when nothing else was. He wasn't moving anything but his eyes.

    My chicken nurse instincts kicked in and I got him a cat crate to keep him still. I place him in it with comfy towels. I then remembered my cast I had in my closet from a sprained thumb a while back, and used that to straighten his neck and keep it from twisting. I piled some wash cloths to make a "pillow" and layed his head on them to stay upright and comfortable. I fed him raw egg and water through a syringe.

    Meanwhile, I gave Gizmo away to a farmer who had recently lost his rooster. I would not keep him after what he did. Here is a photo of Gizmo before he became evil-

    Then I waited. It took 3 months before Apollo could move his legs. He started kicking! So I built him a pen so he could walk around and be near the others but they couldn't knock him over. He was VERY wobbly and couldn't even walk straight. He was holding his head up but his neck was crooked, with a knot in the middle. He could finally feed himself! He got the hang of walking within a week. His neck was forever crooked, but that's ok because he was happy.

    One day, I heard an odd sound coming from his pen; he was trying to crow! He had never crowed before in his life, but he was trying despite the difficulties that came with a wry neck. The next two months he became a crooked crowing expert! He was running around, crowing and being a normal chicken!

    Then the unexpected- All was normal, until one day I went in his pen, and he was dead. No injuries, no illness. Just dead. He died after 3 months of being normal.

    So that is Apollos story. Here is a memorial picture-
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    Apollo is so beautiful. I'm sorry about your loss. [​IMG] Taking the extra care that you did, made all the difference.
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    Jun 16, 2016
    I'm so sorry for your loss :( What a beautiful roo. What breed was he?
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    Jun 16, 2016
    Sorry for you loss. What a great story.thanks for sharing.

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