The Rooster Who Lived at the Cafe/Trading Post

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    Once upon a time, a few years back actually, I was starting to wrap up my chicken exhibition flock because I would be attending university that fall (by no means did I want to purge myself of my flock, but it was better in the long run because a little girl got all of them and was just getting into 4-H shows). Any who, my parents wanted to take one last summer trip before I was off. So we stopped at the same trading post as usually on the way to where we were going. My dad always liked to look at their sculptures in the shop. So my mom and I went off to get a pizza from the cafe next to it. Woah and behold....

    ...a chicken!! A rooster!! A White Leghorn Rooster!!


    I knew I wanted to take him home when I saw him.


    He was pretty friendly, scruffy, and hungry too.


    He did a dance toward me like I was a hen to impress me for more pizza crust. He reminded me sooo much of an old Brahma rooster I had called Duke.


    While I wanted the rooster, we decided not to take him because of some lousy neighbors who didn't even like our pip-squeeky banty OEGB rooster Otis (my profile pic) and the bio-security risk. The shop owners said someone dropped him off from a few farms over. So I imagine he was just on his way to the laying hen farm down the road a bit more. I'm sure he made it to his destination :)
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    I hope so! [​IMG]

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