The sad downside to having to let a few roosters go...

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by Chickenaddict, Jun 2, 2011.

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    May 19, 2008
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    A little over a month ago I had to part with a few serama roosters, one of the "culls" I wasn't real keen on letting go partially because I lost his mom over the winter. I met up with a fella so he could look at 3 roosters that were up for sale. He of course chose the one I didn't want to part with but had to due to tooo many roos. I sold him at a bargain price of $10, He was worth much more then that. I truely hoped he was going to a good home.

    This morning I was browsing on CL and low and behold who did I see up for sale with 2 crappy looking hens to go with him for $75 but my lil man [​IMG] I probably shouldn't feel the way I do about the situation but it really chapps my hyde when I see these oppl pick up decent birds from me for a decent price when all they are out to do is turn em over to pad their pocket! That poor rooster was in pristine condition and now looks totally ragged and beat up! My heart breaks for that poor little guy [​IMG]

    I apparently grow wayyy to close to my birds and do wish for the very best for them.. I take extremely good care of my flock, perhaps a little tooo well so it's hard watching all the hard work you put into them go down the tubes so someone else can make a quick buck! And to think I thought asking $10 would ensure them a good home as noone really pays that kind of money for a rooster no matter what the breed is, here anyways. I feel sooo guilty for letting him go now. I am half tempted to try and buy him back!

    Now I know once they leave here I have no control over the situation but am I alone in my feelings? Or have others been thru a similar situation? There are very few roosters I feel this way about, most I am happy to see leave here for the sake of my hens and neighbors but this one I am really kicking myself over. I almost want to respond to the ad and really go off on the guy but I guess I don't have that right.... Poor sweet lil man [​IMG]
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    Jan 15, 2010
    That definitely sucks, although there is the possibility that maybe your roo looks ragged is that he didn't fit in with the guy's existing flock and that is why he is selling him. [​IMG]

    There is one consolation though. Whoever is going to shell out $75 dollars is probably someone who is serious about keeping chickens and not someone just buying on a whim, or looking for a chicken for supper. [​IMG]
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    May 19, 2008
    East Bethel MN
    You have a point there, however speaking from experience on breeding this breed, noone around here is gonna pay that price if the birds don't look nice, the hens he is selling with the rooster look even more roughed up then he does. I certainly wouldn't pay $75 for a trio of birds that looked like they got caught up in a tornado.... When I sold him to the guy I told him that if for any reason he doesn't work out I will buy him back for the same price I sold him for. I responded to his ad asking him why he was parting with him already and he hasn't and probably won't respond back to me.
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    You can next time make em sign a contract that that if they don't want the bird/animal any longer you have Right of First Refusal.
    Meaning in general, the right of a person or company to purchase something before the offering is made available to others.
    Its an idea can make you feel less helpless when giving up birds.

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