The saga continues....feel free to bang your head against the wall too

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    of you may remember the thread above. One would think that after this long, it would be over huh? Not.

    Today, DD (age 9) is playing in the yard. I hear yelling and the word DOG. So, I go out thinking that for some insane reason one of my dogs has wandered out of the yard. So I get out on the porch and see both dogs in the yard. But can still hear yelling. So I assume that one of the dogs did wander out of the yard. I holler 'Sorry'. And then I get my face peeled off by some unseen spastic freaky person. She starts screaming about me holding her dog against its will (yes. you heard correctly. against his will) and calling the pound. I let her rant and just took DD in the house. I asked DD what happened and she said that one of our dogs was in the 15 acre pasture between our yard and hers (which freaky lady does not own/rent) and that the woman started yelling 'get your dog! Do you hear me? I said 'Get your dog'. Which is about the time I walked out.

    Keep in mind that their dog has eaten dozens of my chickens and ran my horses. Last time I called AC, (6-7 months ago) they got out of the truck with a shotgun and told me that they hoped that he was still running the horses cause they were going to shoot him. They were tired of coming out this way to pick him up. He wasnt so they just picked him up and took him to the pound.

    The dog used to have a playmate but he drowned in our pond the 3 years ago when he fell under the ice chasing our ducks and couldnt get out. We didnt know til the Spring thaw. Got a visual on that? *gag*
    One would think that if you lost one dog, you would be better about keeping track of the one you have left.

    I am guessing that their beast was again carted off to the pound recently and I am getting the credit for it. Which I would be happy to take if she wasnt acting like a spaz and scaring my daughter. Not to mention threatening my dogs. So, tonight after dinner, I will purchasing a boatload of no trespassing signs and the next time their dog is loose and they want to come on my property looking for him...not a snowball's chance. Just refer to the sign and take note of the .22 over my shoulder. Happy Hunting. Here Puppy Puppy. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Yup..dont play nice anymore..
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    I think you've been more than merciful and patient. It's sad this moron is too dumb to take care of a dog.

    And her other one drowned in your pond? Ewwwww..... [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Some neighbors really stink. Sorry your dd has to deal with these twits. Hope you can run some razor wire along the property line one day!
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Can't always be nice to a nasty neighbor.

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    Sep 12, 2010

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    It's not the poor dogs fault, tell animal control to shoot the lady instead.
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    Quote:love you.

    I used to think ppl who let their animals run loose didn't love their animals, but realized it's much worse - they don't like ppl. They have no respect or concern for the human race so why should they treat their belongings (animals) with any care? We have many neighbors, and unfortunately family members, over the years who allow their animals free reign to terrorize the neighborhood. So what if you don't care if your animals get hurt or die, that just makes you unkind and stupid - but not caring about the ppl who are affected by your carelessness is inhuman.

    Trying real hard to not turn this into a rant about scratched cars, being penned in my own car in my own garage, watching the idiot neighbor's idiot kids helpt incite their idiot dogs to fight with our fenced in animals, etc.
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    Gah!!!! Some people!!!

    Couldn't agree more with the other folks, you've been WAY more patient and neighborly then most folks would be, I admire that about you. It's time to put this to rest though, the more no trespassing signs the better then take aim....

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