The SAGA has ended...Silkie Roo

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    As you know, my Black Silkie Roo. Mr B, beat up my white Silkie Roo, Mr. T.

    Mr T was taken out and put in carrier hospital, for 5 days. Then took Mr. T back out to 2 pullets and put Mr. B in carrier.

    Took Mr. B out to big girls (LF) run for six days, while in carrier. Mr. B was NOT happy, actually growling at them...

    2 Sunday's ago. We opened the door to carrier, all h*ll broke loose, fights every where, I didn't think this was going to work. 2 against one... We did NOT intervene. He tried to hide in coop, I think the girls kicked him out. Then hid under the ramp, only saw his foot.

    First night he was the only one left out, pacing back and forth, we pushed him up the ramp, he did not want to go...
    Next morning, last one out! fighting is still going on...

    Next night, he was back pacing.... We walked him up the ramp again...and again he didn't want any part of this!!!
    AM... he's the last one out. Again, fighting still going on, but not as bad...

    Following night, he's up the ramp, but a BLACK fuzzy butt sticking out of the pop door....What the heck is that? I had to push him in, hard, he was not moving....LOL
    Am- he's the third to the last out...hmmmm? Still a little pecking going on...

    Night fuzzy butt sticking out!!! This time I just tapped him, he moved in....AM, again third to the last out! And i see he's eating earlier....hmmmm?

    Next Night no sign of Mr.B...OMG... closed the pop door.... took my flashlight and opened the big door. There he is roosting on floor roost, 6" off floor, but not near any
    Am...he's the 3rd one out and is pecking every girl there, to let them know .... NO FIGHTING ....

    Now I have to say....He's struting around like he owns these girls...and once in a while pecks their behinds to let them know it...LOL I have not seen any hanky-panky going on, but I'm sure it's coming....(LF) EEs and RIRs, there will be some cute things coming out of those eggs soon... It's been a long road, but it worked.... with a Happy Ending.....

    Melinda [​IMG]
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    so are Mr. B and Mr. T both in the coop together now? I lost track of Mr. T after he went to the carrier.
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    I'm glad things have gotten better for them! Sometimes it takes a little while. Good thing you had patience. [​IMG]

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    May 6, 2008
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    Quote:yeah - what happened to Mr. T?

  5. BBK

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    Apr 14, 2009
    upstate NY
    Well, Mr. T is in with the silkies girls....Silkies and LF are in seperate coops. silkies in a tractor. I'm sorry for not clarifying. And is doing great.

    update...already.... Mr. B is roosting up near big door and with girls and i saw some hanky-panky going my first silkie egg yesterday.... [​IMG]

    Melinda [​IMG]

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