The Saga of Fatima of the Gold-dust Feathers! UPDATED - Fatima died...

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    A Chicken Story for your enjoyment...

    Chapter One: Her Early Life
    Her egg was green.
    Her first spark of concensness was inside the egg, of course- that was not green. The inside of her egg was dark and wet. She hatched out strong and ready for the world.
    But oh, not this world! The hatchery resounded with the peeping of a million chicks just like her. Before her muffs were properly dry she was tumbled beak over toes with other fluffy chicks.
    "Help!" she peeped. A chick beside her sat, dazed. "Where are we?" she asked him.
    "I don't know," he retorted. "I just hatched too, you know."
    A flurry of feet, and the chick was gone. She pushed her way to the surface, for among he feet and clicking toes she had seen other chicks, suffocated or crushed to death. Huge gloved hands, rubbery and rough, grabbed her and she was thrust into a box.
    The box was jostled, and for a moment the holes in the sides let in chilly air and a ray of golden light. Was that what it was? Light? She leaned towards it, but once more the box was thrown into darkness. A roaring started and whatever she was in began to move.
    Other chicks were shouting around her. "Help!" "Dark!" "Everybody shut up!" She huddled down and did what came naturally to her exhausted little body: slept.

    When she once more awoke she was in a clear container. A red, warm glow shone down upon her and she felt sleepy again.

    In her chickhood, she was always to be the small one. The other chicks called her "runt", and she was lowest in the pecking order, when such a thing developed in their society. Finally, after months of being the littlest, she began to grow to the size of the others.
    She had a name, too. It was Fatima of the Gold-dust Feathers.


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    that was great ! more more more!
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    Quote:Soon. That took about 5 minutes. Wait 5 more.
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    She's so pretty! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I love the story and you are a very talented writer.In the space of a few paragraphs you have me waiting impatiently to read more.
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    Chapter Two: The Egg
    Like the egg she hatched from, hers was green. She was not the first to lay- oh, no. That was Charlotte of the Snowy Wings. Lillith laid next, a proper blue egg, standard for the EE chickens. Fatima of the Gold-dust Feathers laid third. Oh, would she be last in everything? Not only this, but hers was not a perfect blue like Lillith of the Starry Night. It was army green in shade, and it looked lovely in the nest. But alas, She was not allowed to keep her pride, her joy, her little egg. It was taken by those with the Great Hands, and the cooked it for their breakfast.
    She was having a spot of trouble with the larger, older hens with whom the pullet flock shared the coop. They teased her- oh, how they teased her!- and pulled her feathers. Soon, however, they left her alone and she was even permitted to hunt for food with them. Soon Fatima and the flock leader, Olympia of Midnight, became very close. Fatima was now very popular and respected indeed.
    The rainy days soon came upon the flock, and they did not venture far from the shelter of the bush with trailing branches. Slugs and many other delicious treats were to be found there. Fatima soon learned to make loud, annoying "I want it" sounds at the ones with Great Hands. This either got her a treat or a talking-to. She did not mind the talking-to's much because she understood nothing the ones with Great Hands said. They were too stupid to speak properly, so she flapped her wings in their faces and they put her down.


    (ETA pic)
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    more more!! great stories:cd
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    More more you should publish it I can just see a group of kindergarten kids sitting listening to their teacher read from the pages. You are very talented Micki
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    Chapter Three: A New Place
    Fatima of the Gold-dust Feathers was very pleased with her new life as Olympia of Midnight's friend. Fatima always got the second choice of tidbits and grubs. This suited her fine.
    One day the Ones with Great Hands stopped letting the flock out into their run. She was very disgruntled at this fact and used her complaining voice. Loudly. In a few days, she could see out the window the run had been taken down.
    After about a week of being cooped up, the Ones with Great Hands picked her up and put her in a large box. Lillith of the Starry Night, Charlotte of the Snowy Wings, and Ophelia the Chestnut One were in the box too. Olympia, Rita of Fire, and Pheobe the Striped One were in a different box. She was pleased to find shavings, food, and water in her box, and despite a long and noisy car ride Fatima laid an egg in the box and sat on it so it would not be stepped on. After all, you cannot hold back an egg once it is formed, no matter how much you wish to go on strike.
    They arrived at their destination and were quickly transferred into a new coop. They could not go outside, for this was a temporary coop in the garage of a new house. Fatima tried to grasp this concept: it seemed that the family and flock had, in fact, moved. She went on strike once more, and did not lay an egg for a week. It served the Great Handed Ones right.
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    LOL What a beautiful story! I love the names. I want to see current pics of these ladies with such fabulous names!

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