The Searacauna Bantam

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    Apr 3, 2012
    Here at the breeding farm we have been working for almost a year to find a small, docile chicken that lays a good amount of eggs. We took our best Blue Silkie rooster, Kelley's Pepper, and our best Ameracauna hen, Kelley's Hope. Kelley's Pepper is a second generation show blue Silkie that is known for his gentleness. Kelley's Hope is an excellent egg layer and is very broody. We bred Kelley's Hope and Kelley's Pepper and came up with Kelley's Otter Pop, a blue "Searacauna" hen with Partridge feathers on the neck. She is super docile and lays an excellent amount of small blue eggs. We are planning on getting another pair of Silkies and Ameracaunas to get a breeding partner for Kelley's Otter Pop. Pictures coming soon!

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