The Silkie Sisters!

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    These are my two Silkie pullets, whom I call the "Silkie Sisters" (both are not officially named at the moment). I acquired them from a Tractor Supply store during March; it has been interesting and amusing to watch them grow into the fluffy Silkies they are today.
    They are spunky little bantams, whose first desire when they came to the point of lay, was to go full-on broody. The larger of the two (who has a single comb) went broody first in the nest box with the least amount of straw possible. After she was done, the second, smaller Silkie (with a walnut comb), went broody too, even fiercer and more stubborn than her sister. She didn't care as much where she sat, however and changed places every now and then. It took a lot of pulling her from her nest to get her to stop. Maybe next year or so, I'll let them brood some little chicks.
    Thankfully, both have shown no interest in brooding since the onset of colder weather. But that didn't stop the smaller sister from finding another annoying habit...
    Yes, she has decided to lay her small, cream-colored eggs in a nest of leaves behind the cheerful gnome. Even the pestering of the other hens and pullets hasn't deterred her; she just stands by and squawks in her high-pitched bantam voice while they investigate this odd nest.
    The two sisters like each other's company, and can often be seen foraging and preening together.
    "Did you say something?"
    "Wait, what?"
    "Never mind."
    "Hey guys, what's up?"
    "Oh, hey."
    I've found that the Silkies can look very comical, especially with their large crests that obscure their eyes, giving them an "angry" look. They also have the fluffiest butts out of all my chickens.

    Hope you enjoyed my post about the Silkie sisters! I may post more, so stay tuned!
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    They are definitely buds! BFFs.
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    May 11, 2010
    They are a couple of nice gals!
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    They're very beautiful! Love all your pics! [​IMG] Thanks for sharing.

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