The Sky Is Falling!

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    Apr 19, 2011
    A dog invaded my chickens space last week. Since then, they've been so cautious! It reminds me of an action movie where the characters are running for cover because they're being shot at.

    My chickens look before running out of the coop. If all is clear, they run under the deck. That is almost the length of the house, so it's like a chicken tunnel now. They use that to go to the barn. I see little chicken faces peeping out and then they run in the barn. On hot days, they spend most of their days there. It's cool, there are fans but more importantly-there are bugs to eat! I used to see a chicken here or there in the yard. Now I see them dart from here to there, using the willow trees and shrubs to hide.

    When they aren't hiding in the barn, they have chosen new "safe" places. It used to be laying in a pile on the deck outside my back door. It's different now. One chicken sits in my huge ceramic pot on the deck. Another sits in the bed of my truck--on the tool box. I guess she thinks nothing can get here there. Two perch on the grill. A few in the trees/shrubs - but they try to stay hidden.

    Action shot of them running to the chicken tunnel from the coop.

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