The "Smart Chicken Coop" (Prefab coop)

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    Mar 19, 2015
    All: Our family of 4 is thinking of expanding into the world of backyard chicken raising. Due to a number of factors, I think finding a decently made prefab coop may be the best way for us to begin our foray into this new world. I have been reading a ton of posts on this site (thank you to you all!) and I know that finding a well made, relatively inexpensive prefab coop is analogous to finding the holy grail.

    All that being said, my wife found a coop (and runs/accessories) on Pinterest that may work for us. I have searched this site and have not been able to find any reviews or comments on it but wondered if there may be anyone out there who has used/seen/reviewed this coop. The coop is called The Smart Coop and all the information can be found at "".

    Thanks in advance for your perspective and advice. You guys are awesome and I am so glad this community exists.
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