The Spill is GONE!!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Q9, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Yes, the oil still exists in little patches, but in that pathetic state it's pretty harmless. In the panic it seems like people forgot that oil was BIODEGRADABLE! [​IMG]

    I'm just happy that the fishermen and shrimpers can get their lives back, and that the Greens can shut up and go home. (By "greens" I mean the enviro-socialists who believe in banning oil, not those who are legitimately concerned about the ecological damage from the spill.)


    WHY, WHY don't my links work?! Can someone please explain this? [​IMG]
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    Quote:You don't need to use the Word-Link button to add a link. Word-link is for making a single word or group of words into a link, like this: Click here to read the article!

    All you need to do is copy and paste a URL (web address) into a post, and it will work without using the Word-Link button. [​IMG] (You can click on "edit" in your post to see what I fixed to make yours work).
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    Quote:Do you think calling people made up names like that proves your point to those who don't agree one iota with you? Anyone wacko enough to think that "socialism" is a dirty word should have to drive on dirt roads and live in the 16th century. We have many, many excellent "socialist" programs for U.S. citizens. Keep your name calling, ignorance, and political propaganda to yourself.
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    Thanks for participating.
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