The sportsman or dickey?

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  1. I am planning on getting another incubator in the next few months for bigger hatches. I know a good bit about the sportsman, what about the dickey? Does any one have one and what do you think about them?
  2. wilds of pa

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    Id stay with the GQF sportsman, The new sportsmans they got out are very nice,

    Brinsea Ova-bator in nice to, but a bit pricey They work very well..

  3. BamaChicken

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    Nov 14, 2007
    I dont have a dickey but a breeder friend of mine does and she swears by it. Said she ran into a problem one time and the man who makes them talked her through it. She hatches chicks to sell.
  4. KYBOY

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    Mar 8, 2008
    I have heard plenty of good things about the dickey. Then I also have a friend who hatches 100's per year in his sportsman and hes had it for well over 20 years.
  5. I really am aiming towards the sportsman. I looked at the dickey online and I prefer the big company that it is behind the sportsman. I think alot easier to get it repaired, replacement parts ect.
  6. kstaven

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    I'm not saying the dickey isn't a good incubator, but in the long haul the sportsman will hold its value. Parts are readily available as are upgrades.

    I have a preference for the Ova Easy after using mine for the past year because temperature and humidity is just that much more constant throughout the incubator than my OLD sportsman.
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    Jul 18, 2007
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    What fits a Dickey fits a Gqf..the parts are the same I have both, And i know both parties that build them, Both are good incubators, only difference is Gqf makes and sells more than Dicky
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