*The starters guide To Raising Chicks*

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    You need certain supplies,and foods and medicates for the birds/chicks.You what them safea nd probably
    very healthy.

    It depends on how many you want.Really,a small coop at least the size of a computer desk is okay.

    The Amount Of chicks:
    You should have at least 10 or 12.You may lose some,so you need this amount,so just in case of in accident.

    Not adult bags.Medicated will be fine.But for (Chicks)only.You may wanna grab a few ducks,but believe it or not,this can kill them.

    What Might The food Go in:
    There are various selections.Normally at the store they have those long colored feeders that sit on the ground.But yours may out grow them,so it's best to use a pan on a high rock or on the ground.(Found out my self,chicks like to bath in the food in pans)

    The Don'ts:
    Never buy,birds toys!They could get injured an d break a toe,even a whole leg.(By a roost)
    Do not pick them up a bunch.You may head over diseases,killing them.
    Do not spray perfume,windex etc around chickens period.
    Do not allow any furry animals with them unless WATCHED.(Chicks have tendency to peck at their noses.Which may cause the other animal to bite)
    Their so fragile.If your gonna hold em' do it in the cages.(You may drop them)

    No feeding them treats unless read it is fine.(Hads a bunch of agreements)
    Never introduce them to any animals until they've gotten situated.

    The Do's/goods:
    Mealworms,small peaces of worms,small water melon,and very small pieces of breads.

    Watch them.
    If your wanting to take them outside,be sure its warm,sunny.
    Be sure they are in a cage.

    You can buy this at the poultry store.If so fill it up all the way.(Be sure they always have water)

    Medicated Water:
    When you go to the store,you will see blue packages with baby poultry on it.Take 1 of those and pour half of the small packets in the water.It is Antibiotic or probiotics.

    Legs:If it is broken or just swollen,it's best to soak it in warm water,and cream in with antibiotic cream.

    feet: Bubble foot,or just a swollen or bleeding foot should be treated instantly.The sores/swollen always need to be in very warm water along with salt.Then use antibiotic creaam.
    Beaks:Sometimes they are swollen even broken or bleeding.Soaking would help,but the vet is much better.

    Good Luck!
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