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    Well you may not have read but we had a tragedy earlier this week where we lost 2 chickens [​IMG] Jade and Jordan 2 beautiful chickens were taken away from us by a fox, however out of this was a survivor Kerry (pictures to follow). Kerry has not been herself since the incident and has been very upset since the whole ordeal took place on that dreadful morning however yesterday she was given 2 new companions to join the flock!

    Jade, Jordan and Kerry [​IMG]

    These 2 new "intruders" as Kerry would aptly put it are finding it tough as Kerry does not seem to agree that 2 new figures can come into her coop so quickly after the others have left her and Kerry is verbally making sure they are aware of this.

    This morning Kerry has protested further by not allowing them out for a good few hours until we decided to let Kerry come into the house to say hi; more updates to follow on the progress the 2 new "un-named" additions make in the flock of 3 ( i do realize its a small flock but hey). Pictures will also follow as soon as i get my main laptop out [​IMG]

    Kerry in the house
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    She's just keeping them safe from the fox!! [​IMG] It is strange how they react to a tragedy though isn't it? She'll recover!

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