The Story of all my chickens :D

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    Well we started out with about 15 and we got more had about.... maybe 25? well a dog got into our chicken coop in 08 and ate all of them only left one hen [​IMG] ... well shortly after she hatched 7 eggs and so we bought 30 more chickens so we now have 38 [​IMG] but we happened to get 3 roosters by accident so they get into fights allot :O so 1 of the roosters was really hurt so we just doctered him up and put him inside in a basket he is now sound asleep roosting on top [​IMG] but i think he will be O-K. but i def think his pride is hurt!! well thats the story of our chickens we have been happily raising chicks for about 4 years [​IMG]

    [​IMG] produces

    [​IMG] produces

    [​IMG] produces
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    and [​IMG] produces

    [​IMG] and [​IMG]
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