The story of Buffy the almost house chicken

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  1. ozark_chickies

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    Jun 19, 2011
    It goes like this
    Buffy is a 5 month old buff orpington hen who just recently started laying. Last week she was walking with a limp so my dh picked her up and brought her into the house and placed her in a clothes basket with an old cloth diaper in the bottom, and set her in the living room for the night. She really seemed to enjoy her bed for the night and the next morning she had seemed to be all better. We returned her to the run with her siblings. That evening instead of returning to the coop at bed time she went to the front door of the house. Stood there with, Im ready for bed look please take me in. I picked her up and carried her to the ramp that goes from the run to the coop. She would take a small step up the ramp and stop and look up at me like "oh please pick me up and take me in the house pppllleeeeaaase". Then another step and then the look again. This continued until she reached the top of the ramp where she turned as if to say ok this is your last chance ppplllleeeeaaasssee. Then resigned to her fate she goes into the hen house.
    Now every evening we go thru the Buffy waits at the door til she gives up and very slowly walks the green mile to the coop and is now the last hen in the coop. It breaks my heart to make her go in but she has a hard time navigating the wood floor and my dh gives me the "are you crazy" look if I mention the chicken diapers thing" Poor poor Buffy
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    Apr 29, 2011
    [​IMG] Ahahaha! She's really got your number.
  3. Keltara

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    Awwwwww....Poor Buffy. I understand though. Cleaning chicken poop in the house (even with a chicken diaper) would probably get old. It is very sweet though. I just love Buff Orpingtons!

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  4. specklesmom

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    Jun 18, 2009
    Oh come on! Let her move into the house!! She loves you and obviously needs human companionship.
  5. ozark_chickies

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    Jun 19, 2011
    I love her too. [​IMG] The funny thing is I didn't want any BOs when we decided to get chickens. We put in a order for chicks, and found out we'd have to wait 6 weeks to get them. I had the brooder set up, so DH said go to the feed store and get some chicks. I bought RIRs, SLWs and the last 2 BOS because I felt sorry for them. The following Sunday we were in TSC and they had chicks, so we bought 6 more BO.
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    Quote:In my opinion, they are the sweetest of all chicken breeds. I'm glad you have them!!

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  7. Rachy

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    Jun 5, 2011
    Buff Orpingtons are gorgeous & Buffy sounds lovely! x
  8. Tripp16

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    May 26, 2011
    North Carolina
    Omgsh! I loove my BO (Ellie May) she is gorgeous and always sweet! [​IMG]
  9. brahmakid11

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    Aug 23, 2011
    sitting on the toilet
    i have a buff brahma hen named buffy
  10. SilkieChickenLover336

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    Feb 16, 2011
    New Jersey
    we need a pic

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