The story of Lulu, the lame runt

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    Aug 24, 2009
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    Lulu is our lame runt. She has been a house chicken since it has been too cold to stay outside. She sleeps in the garage with a fire in the stove to keep her warm. She has a comfortable corner of the kitchen where she stays most of the time.

    We originally separated her from the other girls because she was being pecked on and not allowed to eat or drink. When she tried to go to the waterer, she would be pecked and chased away. [​IMG] She was quite scruffy and very skinny. Poor Lulu. [​IMG]

    Since she has been staying in the house, we put her outside when the weather has been nicer. She stays in the front yard by herself until she gets too cold, then she hops/flies/jumps up the back stairs waiting to come in. When the sun shines in the kitchen window, she follows in around basking in the warm rays.

    Last Saturday she laid her first egg. [​IMG] She was showing signs of laying - squatting when petted, pulling her blanket around her, trying to pull out fibers from the carpet. We made her a box with shredded paper back in the corner of the closet.

    Tuesday, she laid her second egg and it was a doozy. [​IMG] It took her all morning to get the job done. She would sit in her nest for quite awhile, then get out and eat and then go back to her nest. She repeated this three or four times until she laid her egg. It was a biggy! [​IMG]

    Her leg has been improving alot. At the start she would collapse when she tried to take a few steps. She would step on her foot and trip herself. Now she has learned and is also strong enough to lift her foot higher so she doesn't step on her own foot.

    She has been wandering around the kitchen, especially when DH or DS are making themselves something to eat. DS tosses her a few peanuts (which she loves and chases like a dog chasing a ball) [​IMG] DH shares his peanut butter sandwich with her.

    I go to the grocery store daily to get a box of scraps for the girls. Lulu always comes running to help "SORT" the produce. We get greens plus others stuff that I cookup with their daily grain for a warm meal. Lulu always keeps and eye open to grab a grape, peck a cuke or test a bite of lettuce. She is so funny, standing there sticking her head in the box or bag checking it all out. [​IMG]

    She is quite vocal and purrs and coos to me all the time. My DH thinks we are carrying on a conversation because I pick her up to pet and talk to she coos and purrs back.

    Yesterday it was above 0 C (over 32 F) and she was outside alot. She come come in for awhile then go to the back door and cluck to be let back out. We have to carry her out because she can get up the stairs but not down.

    This morning she had an egg in her box in the garage. That makes 4 eggs in 8 days. [​IMG] She spent along time outside (several hours) before wanting in the house. When she came in she ran right over to her corner to eat. While eating she kept spilling her pellets, grain, water, etc. I finally noticed what she was doing. She was trying to scratch! [​IMG] Until now she hasn't done that! I think she is finally strong enough plus she had several days of "practice" outside. She does do it very well yet. She does it also like a dance step. Peck, peck, forward step, back step - peck, peck, forward, back, etc. In doing so, she steps in and spills her little dishes of food, etc.

    Our baby is growing up! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Yea Lulu. She sounds like a sweet girl. Maybe we can see a pic of her?
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    Go Lou Lou...What a great story...
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    [​IMG] So wonderful that she is improving. And laying!!!! Lulu sounds like she is a very special girl. Will she stay your house chicken or are you planning to try to get her back with the flock? It certainly sounds as if she is perfectly happy being one of the family... [​IMG]
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    Aug 24, 2009
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    Here is a pic of Lulu resting by the fridge.


    fldiver97 I'm going to try to reunite Lulu with the girls but not until spring when I will be outside to monitor what is happening. From what I've read on BYC, it takes quite awhile to do so spring is the perfect time as I'll be out in the garden most of the time then anyway.

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