The Story of My favorite Duck Toto. (R.I.P)

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    I was brought back to old memories about my favorite pet ever when I saw a video and a fellow BYC'er reminded me about how great pekin ducks are and thought it would be fun to start a thread where we can all tell our stories about our loved pets that have passed away. Heres my story.

    I bought my first duckling about 4 years ago, I was so happy, she slept in a box next to my bed with a blanket I knitted for her! (lol I made it for extra credit in FACS clas ) I would always give her a bath and she came when I called her name. She would always greet me when I got home from school, I would always do my homework under the big tree in our backyard, she would climb out of the chicken pen and come running to me. I would give her my leftover lunch and she would just cuddle next to me Where ever I would go she would go. I found her in my kitchen one morning in the summer when we left the door open I had her for about 3 years and one day I took her to the park where we always swam. The Provo river went through this park to empty into the Lake. I took her in and she had a blast, she followed me where I swam and came out whiter than she had ever been! Then When we got out we started walking down the path to our car so we could leave and she made friends with some wild mallards ^_^ When we were leaving I rode in the back of the truck with her and my dad stopped at my aunt's house. (I've hated my aunt for many years for many reasons) I put Toto in a small pen that had some old peppers in it...they were all withered and dead. We went inside to my aunt's house and she went out saying she had to go get something from her car, after about 10 minutes we were leaving and I could not find Toto, The pen she was in was opened and there was a trail of bread leading the way to the gate to the road (Toto hates bread so she never ate it ) The gate was open and I fell to my knees sobbing when I saw Toto laying in the road, bloody...dead...It was the most horrible thing I had ever seen.My mom was also devastated. My aunt looked at me as if I was a crazy person and said Toto was ruining her withered peppers.....(Even though it was just the shriveled up peppers in sight) I yelled something to my aunt that I barely remember and Have never seen her since. I buried Toto and was so depressed the next days. I still remember her quacking I will always remember my little girl, Toto.

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    Aww, I'm sorry. It sounds like you loved her [​IMG]

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