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    Aug 30, 2015
    So one day my family and I were walking around the flea market when we saw a man with chickens. He had some chicks in a crate, so we decided to buy 5 chicks, 2 RIR 2 BR and one mystery white chick. This was the beginning of a great adventure for our family.

    Once we got home we promptly went to tractor supply and bought the essentials. My father drew up a plan to build a coop and started to buy supplies to build it. About 2 weeks later, the coop was completed. By then the chicks were named. The RIRs were named Peanut and Butterscotch. The BRs were named Oreo and Juan. The white chick was named Peck.

    Sadly after a month we knew Peck, Butterscotch, Oreo, and Juan were all Roos. Only Peanut was a hen. Then came the realization that we would have to either cull or give away all four of them.

    Anyways, a couple of weeks later we accepted 3 hens from someone who was going to cull them otherwise. He said they were Dutch hen mixes and they were named Henrietta, Sugar Cookie and Jennifer. Then we bought three more RIR chicks who were quickly named Potato, Peanut Butter, and Lemon. This brought our grand total to 11 chickens.

    As the Roos grew up, Oreo quickly became a big bully to the others and was culled at the age of 4 months. Peck became the lead roo followed by Butterscotch and then Juan.

    Then the day of doom came. We received a letter from the city that we had to get rid of our chickens because they were against the city ordinance. We had to get rid of them within 7 days. That same day Peck, Butterscotch, Juan, Henrietta, Jennifer, and Sugar Cookie were culled just because we didn't have a place for them to go. The chicks (which we now knew were all hens) and Peanut were hidden in the coop and could only come out for short periods supervised. Luckily we found an owner for them and they will be taken away tomorrow (10/28/15). My little sister is now sobbing due to her "Peanut" being taken away.

    RIP Chickens 2015-2015, killed by the City of Concord NC chicken ordinance.

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    I could feel my jaw drop when it came to where the chickens were killed, because it was so peremptory, with nothing preparing me for it...
    How did they kill them?
    Are the surviving ones at their new home?
  3. Mel561

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    Aug 30, 2015
    6 chickens were euthanized so they died peacefully. :)
    The survivors are at their new home! Nice big, open, pasture for them to free range and plenty of other friends for them after quarantine. :) Wish I could post pictures but I can't post on mobile...
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    Jul 1, 2015
    No! If I was you I will all buy them a stop crowing belt!
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    I have heard that it actually works. [​IMG]

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