The Story of Sam and Jenn--How it all went down

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  1. beefy

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    The Story of Samarai Jenn, an Interpretation by beefy

    Okay Okay! after getting some mail from people who suspect that i was the one responsible for Samarai Jenn's downfall based on my subtle response last night in the calf thread questioning the copyrighted photo i have decided to share my sleuthing secrets at last with the communtiy. As i alluded earlier, the greatest majority of this hoax actually occurred in chat. Admittedly, i am the one responsible for reporting this issue to the moderators. However i cannot take all the credit as many of our regular chatters had been skeptical of the pair all along and others had just recently become skeptical. As a result, certain members (who may or may not wish to step forward at this time) began looking into Sam and Jenn and their claims.

    Perhaps our first clue was that Jenn and Sam busted onto the chat scene a while back and immediately started sharing a lot more information than normal. It was as if one day they didnt exist and the next day everyone "knew" them.

    Next, Jenn suddenly went from showing a little to HUGE over night. Her due date was a ways off and i feel that she was larger than she should have been at that point in her pregnancy --even with triplets, especially ones that were born as tiny as they claimed.

    Next i thought it was weird how she was always online at the hospital.

    Sam was always a little off and it seems a lot of the chatters were more on to him than Jenn, questioning his occupation and wreck. Some researched Minnesota records looking for information on him. no such person existed. supposedly Sam broke his left arm and one member was shown a photo of Sam with no cast on his left arm. The xrays were shown almost immediatly, which was sketchy. question: how did sam get out of the hospital so quickly with such bad injuries?

    answer: the same way jenn did. she had her babies via c-ntsection and was out tagging calves two days later. LOL.

    and i mean really? who texts someone while they are getting ready for a c-section? come on now!

    ok so i dont know a whole lot about gestating babies but i'm not sure that any of them would even be viable this early in her pregnancy? the alleged death of the infant really hit a nerve with me as i know that some of our members really have experienced the loss of a child recently.

    But just like with Zelda, it was the COWS that really sealed the deal for me. Sam and Jenn claimed to have 200 cows on 74 acres in minnesota... not a very good stocking rate!
    They were always showing pics of their cows and they always had a few of these and a few of those. i swear they had a couple of every breed of cow you could own. yet when i asked what breed they were they had no clue. they usually said angus. they showed pictures of nice stock too, nice enough that any owner would KNOW what breed they were and be proud of them. now i'm not saying people couldnt have a bunch of different breeds, but you could tell from the pictures that they werenot all running together..they were sorted into like breeds and sam indicated that they didnt have a complex pasturing system that would allow for a lot of different herds segregated by breed. the night i reported them, jenn claimed that they had just had a set of triplet calves and a set of twins born a few hours earlier. now in beef cattle, twins occur once in while but are not really all that common, and triplets are more unusual. but to have both born on the same day and all the calves be viable?? a little far-fetched to say the least! and why was jenn out feeding them and obviously (from pics) ear-tagging newborns 2 days after a c-section?! i asked sam who tagged the calves (asuming they had some help b/c i gave them the benefit of the doubt)- and he told me jenn did. the ear tags were different colors and the numbering systems didnt even match. i told him when jenn got back from the hospital (she had to go check on the babies when i started asking her questions about the cows) to tell her to lay off the ear-tagging until she can ear-tag calves any time... like say when you are not recovering from a pretty significant surgery or mourning the loss of a child... and oh yes how could i forget about Banana the calf?! the calf with the copyright on it from the publishing in NewZealand...the brown and white spotted angus... (angus only come in black or red). That was some good concrete evidence to work with right there. mad props to my sleuths, i didnt even notice the copyright at first.

    But chat is a funny thing... people bond in there, and we have a lot of good, decent, compassionate individuals on here. some were even tossing around the idea of starting a fund to help out with the babies and the funeral costs. . i decided i should have the moderators check into these yahoos before anyone got more emotionally invested or got scammed out of some money so i contacted a moderator and the rest is history.
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  3. JennsPeeps

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    "Oh, what a tangled tale we weave
    When first we practise to deceive."
    -Sir Walter Scott
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    Feb 14, 2009
    Quote:[​IMG] perfect quote!
  5. Jamie_Dog_Trainer

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    Good Job Berticus [​IMG]

    I have to say we, and several others, make a great sleuthing team [​IMG]

    My interpretation:

    I had never been too crazy about Sam and Jenn from the beginning. And to be completely honest I questioned my feelings, wondering if I was jealous. Im not normally a jealous person, never have been. But my gut was telling me something was off.

    I was probably a month ago that I started making my first comments to other regular chatters about Sam/Jenn. At first it was decided that chat was over taken at an odd pace, but nothing much more was said. Still I had funny feelings about them, they kept getting stronger.

    Finally a few of us started talking openly about our concerns, about a week or so ago I outright (and hopefully not obviously) interviewed several people via PM to get their take on Sam/Jenn/Crisis. I only told a couple people my worries as I didn't want anyone to think I was being jealous or heartless. After all the difficult things they were going thru, I still could not get on board and be sympathetic, though I even felt guilty for it.

    Then about four days ago I was talking in Messenger with two other frequent chatters, we were comparing concerns. I decided I was going to check out Sams career as an officer, should be public record for the most part. I have checked out police things like this before, looking for Police Dog trainers so I was fairly sure his name would pop up on some site or another as being a Trooper, that is, if he was really a trooper. Frankly I was not surprised when I could not find him listed as an employee as a Minnesota State Trooper. So then I started checking out the police incident website, again, Sam's accident should have been listed. Surpise surprise--no such accident was listed. Then I looked for News reports, after all he was injured badly--surely it would have been reported. No media reports.

    By this time I was convinced. The other two chatters were also pretty sure of what we were feeling. All of us continued to get more skeptical.

    Then the clincher last night for me. I was perusing Sam/Jenns photobucket after she had posted some pics of calves. I noted a watermark on one of the pics. BINGO!!! I called Berts attention to it and we discussed it, he looked up the watermark and found that "Banana" was in New Zealand, hows that for some importing? [​IMG]

    Another chatter and I also discussed the ear tags of the cattle as being inconsistent with normal routine tagging. Im fairly ignorant of those kinds of practices so most of that was eye opening to me. After the watermark was found and I told the other sleuths about Sams lack of a police employment record we knew it was fraud. Several of us knew a while ago but did not have proof.
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    [​IMG] We do make a great team! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Well put! [​IMG]
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    Quote:We all pretty much rocked this one out, but Jaime and Bert... you two are awesome *high 5!* no, *HIGH 10!* [​IMG]
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    My goodness, that's a mouthful . . . did the sleuths notice the magically changing great dane, as well? I thought that was interesting.

    I'm drawn to these posts like rubber neckers to an accident scene, which I'm not altogether proud of, but one thing I noticed in all of the posts was how supportive and kind everyone was being during all the made up trials of this made up family. That's one bad apple in an orchard full of amazing apples, which isn't bad at all.

    I think I'll wander off before making myself insufferable by being Miss Optimism . . . but really, this is site is so full of kind people. [​IMG]
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    Bert (Beefy), Jess (Patch of Heaven Farm), Amber (Drafthorse39), Julie (lilpeeps) and I all had parts in figuring this out. Im so glad to have friends in chat like you guys. ((hugs))[​IMG] [​IMG]
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