The Story of The Safe Keepers and The Wingless DRAGON!!!

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  1. I had a wingless DRAGON visit our coop yesterday.....he came for the peeping of youngsters and the hatching of eggs.

    All was fine in the foothills of Chickendom, a wonderfully sunny day shone down on the contented flock, when suddenly an almighty commotion was heard. The predator alarm was sounded! The Safe Keeper raced down to the run, sword in hand, he followed the raucous into the nest shed......discovering an almighty creature!

    This monster had terribly vicious claws, a set of bacteria filled teeth, a rigid whipping tail and an ear piercing hiss. The only thing missing was searing heat of a flaming mouth. The wingless dragon had sourced out his victims and was reaking havoc on a set of day old chicks and their knight-like broody mother.

    The lizard reared up and struck at the mother of three, taking chunks of feather off her trembling body, but Ms RIR was having non of it. She puffed up twice her size, squawked and then pecked back at her intruder. The safe keeper knew he must intervene, he struck the scaled beast drawing it's attention toward him. By this time two other Safe Keepers had come to his aid, cages, nets, swords and shields in hand. Together they rescued Ms RIR from the feather filled battle field but there was a horrible lack of chicks peeping and no sign of the fuzzy this time it was suspected that all the warriors had been engulfed by their bloodcurdling attacker.

    The Safe Keepers concentrated on the task at hand, battling the hissing beast. They corralled the wicked Dragon into a special Dragon holder. But that was not enough to hold the battle worn lizard, he bashed and twisted the wire with his almighty strength, almost escaping from the grip of the Safe Keepers. The Safe Keepers reinforced the dragon holder really making sure he couldn't escape.

    Once contained, the striped felon was hauled up to the mighty gates of Chickendom. There he was admired and yet unnerved by many who had heard the news of the Dragon and travelled to visit him.
    Soon the Dragon was loaded onto the Royal Cart where he traveled many, many miles from the Foothills of Chickendom.

    Deeper and deeper the cart trundled into forest, over streams, through marshes, down valleys and over hills. The monster roared and spat over the creaking of the carts wheels, he was furious and the metal ties that had been used to enforce the Dragon holder started to buckled under his new found strength. The Safe Keepers grew more and more frightened as the beast battered the cages. They whipped the horses on faster so as to get further from Chickendom otherwise the astute fire-less Dragon would track his way back to taken revenge.

    Finally after many hours of travel and an almost escaped monster the cart was stopped and the Safe Keepers jumped out. They unloaded the beaten cage. It was time for release. One of the Safe Keepers took refuge on top the cart while the other two slowly opened the cage, releasing the furious Dragon. He hissed with anger, turned around and ran straight for one of the Safe Keepers. Unarmed he jumped up onto the top of the cart as the beast swiped his claw filled hand at the Safe Keepers straggling legs before racing off up a huge tree. The Dragon gave one last hiss as he powered up into the thick foliage.....hopefully never to be seen again!


    He is now the ruler of a new land....a chicken-less land and he will hopefully live a long flourishing life!

    As the Safe Keepers packed up the cage and hopped back into the cart they forgot all about Ms RIR and the chicks....if any were left.
    They raced home and made their way down to nest shed.....nothing, but then, pipping! Under a thick shrub there they found Ms Knight RIR hunkered down with ALL 3 warrior chicks. It didn't take long for the King rooster to calm the flock down and the chicks and mum come out for a scratch about. All three chicks where unscathed and Ms RIR broody only had minor bleeding from ripped out feathers.
    Three two day old chicks, a broody mum and three Safe Keepers survived the brute force of a Wingless DRAGON!!!

    Thank you for reading, Lucas[​IMG].
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  2. I can move this story to another section of BYC if this is not the right place for it?
  3. Bens-Hens

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    A great read Lucas, knowing it was all true made for even more entertainment.

    Kingdom of Chickendom is safe once again.
  4. aart

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    I think it's the perfect place for this great is about a predator after all.

    What is this nasty dragon.....where do you live?
    Are they common......can you permanently 'relocate' them to dragon 'heaven'?
  5. Thanks Ben.
    I replaced certain word for others to make it more 'medieval/ mythical' so where I put swords and shield, I really meant Sticks and bin lids[​IMG]!!

    aart, this 'Dragon' is called a Goanna. Goannas are quite common where we are but even more so in other parts of Australia!
    No, we are not allowed to send them to the heavens above as there is a whopping great fine and possible jail time. But it's almost easier paying the fine and going to jail than battling this scaled creature[​IMG]!

    Also, this fella was not even close to as bag as we have seen them. But he is a repeat attacker of Chickendom so needed to be carted away!
  6. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    That's a shame....kind of like with raptors here in the US.
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    holy COW!! what a cool-looking dude!! glad the chickens are safe :). thanks for posting!

  8. Yeah all of our Raptors are protected over here as well.
    I like the Goannas. When they stay away from my chicks!!
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    Oh my goodness!!! And here I am worried about hawks/vultures! I think I'd have a heart attack if I saw that thing! I don't know if I would have had the courage to deal with it. But then again, I picked up a big stick and was ready to beat a hawk off if it dared to dive down at my hens and I have an ingrained fear of birds. I was attacked by Blue Jays when I was small because I was climbing our Black Cherry tree and got near a nest with babies. Not fun, I fell from the tree. Then in my 20's a Mockingbird built a nest in a shrub right next to my backyard gate and of course had babies!!! I went to go into the backyard and was attacked by momma Mockingbird! I would have to enter my backyard with the trash can lid as a shield and a broom to swat it away. LOL Now considering how much smaller those birds were vs. these hawks and vultures, I guess I do have a little courage when it comes to protecting my hens. I think that hawk's wing span was nearly as wide as I am tall or at least it seemed that way!!
  10. hahaha. Well I say the same thing to people who have BEAR problems.....I couldn't not imagine a bear just wondering into my chicken run, sitting down at just eating my chickens[​IMG]!!!

    Vultures would be so cool to see!
    Well at least this Goanna was only interested in eggs and chicks. It could easily catch a hen ( they are extremely fast! ) if it wanted to!

    Your afraid of birds, yet you have and protect them.LOL.

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