The Strangest, Earliest "Egg"

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    So we have 5 hens, 2 BR, 11 weeks old and a odd trio of a BO, White Leghorn and brown leghorn, each 6 weeks old. None of them are of laying age and my husband knows this. He's thinking to Thanksgiving when MAYBE, the first eggs will be laid. Anyway, Clare, the 14 year old family chicken farmer was toting around Cora, the BO, trying to help her escape the bigger BRs. They had all just been put in the same coop, and Cora (the BO), our food lover, was having a hard time. The BRs were giving her grief and she couldn't get all the feed she wanted, and she wanted A LOT. Clare and Cora came to the kitchen looking for treats and I obliged.

    Some time later my husband walked out to check on the coop and the location of its inhabitants. The brooder was temporarily in the coop so the youngsters had a place to get away from the big teenagers, if needed. He found the three youngsters on top of the brooder (an old guinea pig cage), eating something odd. He called me. Someone laid an egg and the little ones are eating it!

    I trudged outside. The eating part I believe. It was the egg part that was hard to understand. Sure enough, the trio was noshing on something oblong, egg sized and squishy. I grabbed a nearby paper towel and removed it from the coop. "What is it?" my husband wanted to know. "Come on science teacher", he called as I walked to the trash cans, "what's the story with that egg?"

    I turned the flashlight on the object in my hand, stopped and examined it carefully and burst out laughing. I suddenly remembered what treat I had given Clare for Cora - A LARGE PIECE OF BANANA! The chicks had rounded of the edges just right so it was egg shaped and had totally fooled/grossed out my husband.
    How's that for a strange "egg"!?
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    [​IMG] That awesome!
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    Haha! You applied your superior skills of scientific deduction to discern the truth behind the squishy oblong egg. [​IMG]
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    I love it! [​IMG]

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