The Stupid Heads!

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Mar 21, 2020

I would like to show you the chickens that we currently have. Many of them have silly fluffy heads (hence the name). They are Cream Legbar and White Sussex bantam hybrids from what I understand. As a result, they all look different. Most are 2nd Generation, a couple of 3rd and maybe one who is a 4th. All of them are less than 3 years old. They are collectively known as "The Stupid Heads"

Stupid Head 1:
She was grey with a yellow neck, similar stature to Stupid Head 3, but her head was so fluffy that it partially covered her eyes. It was so silly that she was the reason most of our chickens were renamed. She died in June 2019 after a short period of Lethargy. Unknown cause. A real shame. We didn't expect her to die so soon, so we have no photos of her.

Stupid Head 2:
As you can see, she is grey with a white neck. Fluffy head. The smallest adult hen I have seen. She also has fluffy feet. Ellipsoidal shape. Often looks into the kitchen window to see what we are doing.

Stupid Head 3:
Traditional Cream Legbar colours, except with a pale yellow front. Currently the one with the fluffiest head and is very active and lively.

Stupid head 4:
What prompted me to make this thread was the death of this adorable, determined and smart chicken. She had the closest to Cream Legbar colours, but her neck and feet has Sussex traits. She had the rarity of having both fluffy feet and a fluffy head. She was also very fun to interact with and was often the winner when they were fighting over treats. This Thread explains how she died.
She looked like this:

This was what she was roughly a week ago, before her death. Notice that she is hunching her head very close to her body:

Stupid Head 5:
Looked like a beefier version of Stupid Head 8. Was white, grey feet, was always a very slow chicken. She died a couple of months ago, possibly of a heart/respiratory problem. I don't have any photos of her.

Stupid Head 6:
This one is mostly orange on the upper body apart from her fluffy head, which is all white, which is funny. She is quite aggressive, was especially mean to Stupid Head 4 when she was ill.

Stupid Head 7:
This one is like Stupid Head 6, but is more white and more fluffy. Fluffy feet and is quite tame. Pretty sure she is quite low in the pecking order. Unlike everybody else, she has never been observed to be broody.

Stupid Head 8:
This one seems to be very smart, constantly being broody and hiding in places to lay her eggs. As a result, we have had 3 unplanned chicks from her at different times.
She is very good at being a mother. She is mostly white, occasionally having varying different coloured feathers as you can see.

Her laying down:

Fatty (Stupid Head 9):
She used to be massive (hence the name) probably because she was in a peak broody state during the naming. She is orange and black, a unique configuration shared by no other Stupid Head. She has a deformed left middle toe, but if anything that has made her far more nimble than having one. The ultimate opportunist. Leave the door to the kitchen open for too long and she will charge straight in, often going under your legs and starts to eat the cat food on the other side of the kitchen. It can take a while to get her out as she is so fast and will often bypass you just to get another peck at the cat food. Another awesome chicken.

Tiny the Third (Stupid Head 10):
She is the head hen. Nobody is superior to her. Despite not being a direct descendant to 2 previous black chickens called "Tiny", she still bares the name. She is almost entirely black with some white feather marking around her neck and head. Another unique configuration for a Stupid Head.

Orangey 1:
Now for the hens without fluffy heads. This is Orangey 1, another top hen. She has been observed to be getting very large without being broody. Recently likes to stay out of the way.

Whitey 1:
NB: All Whiteys were much more "white coloured" when they were named as such.
Whitey 1 is fun to observe. She has the most traits comparable to a White Sussex hen. Large comb, massive wattles, fluffy feet. Doesn't take any nonsense from anybody, is intimidating even for me and is a good guardian.

Whitey 2:
Apart from the grey feathers and small wattles, she is very similar to Whitey 1. Also who needs insecticide when you have Whitey 2? Very good at dealing with our fly problem. A friendly hen.

Whitey 3:
Whitey 3 is obviously not white anymore, but rather a light orange/beige, very small comb and wattles, no fluffy head or feet, but is quite big. She is one of the top hens and is by far the most aggressive. Probably permanently annoyed that she generally has a lack of admirable features, but that is a trait of hers in itself.

Now for the Roosters:

Squish (Stupid Head 8b):
Squish is our current Alpha rooster. He managed to take the spot before he was even a year old, which is very impressive. He is currently a year and 3 months old. He is very good at being the alpha too, distributing the food, keeping everybody in line, breaking up fights, gentle with the hens. He has an adorable face too when he has his eyes wide open. When I give them some leaves to eat in my hand, he often jumps up to get them and then gives it to the hens. Every time he looks at you, he always acts surprised.

Squash (Stupid Head 8c):
Squash is the twin brother of Squish, as a result he is quite high in the pecking order. They were the only 2 chicks last year, so the bond between them is strong. He is bright white and has green feet, which is very interesting. He loses feathers a lot because he often pokes his nose where it shouldn't and often gets punished by Squish for it.

Jerry (Stupid Head 11):
He is very yellow. If he was a hen, his head would be as ridiculously fluffy as Stupid Head 1's was. His comb is very large, when he was younger it used to flop to the side of his head, but he appears to have fixed that issue. Just looking at him is hilarious in a cute sort of way. He was once the Alpha for a period of 6 months. He was ok, but not the best at it.

Mop (Stupid Head 12):
He was the Alpha before Jerry and after him again until Squish became it. He is the father of Squash, maybe Squish too (Might be a son of Otto). Currently he is at the bottom of the pile. The other roosters chase him away, but it is still ok and has a lot of time to himself. He was a better Alpha than Jerry, but eclipsed by Squish's abilities.

Otto (Stupid Head 13):
The Whitey 3 of the roosters and the only Stupid Head I don't like. The most aggressive and the most irritating. He was especially nasty to Stupid Head 4 when she was ill. He might be the father of Squish, but thankfully Squish does not share his traits. Even after he has been beaten up several times before, he will not learn his lesson. I am pretty sure his father was one of the aggressive ones that were culled during the last rooster cull in 2018. Despite him being annoying, he hasn't been harmful enough to others to warrant being culled. He is the smallest rooster so he will lose fights that he starts.

And now for our only chick:

Splosh (Stupid Head 8d? or Whitey 2b?):
This year we had another chick being hatched underneath Stupid Head 8. Hatched June 4th 2020. We are not sure on the gender of Splosh, but assuming he is a rooster, I will call him a he. His hatching was unplanned, but we are still glad that he came into existence. He is an adventurous little chick and has had a great upbringing. 3 other hens (Stupid Heads 2,10 and Whitey 1) were all broody at roughly the same time as Stupid Head 8. So they all thought Splosh was their own. As a result, he had 4 mothers/guardians, that were all protecting,feeding and teaching him. He still hangs around Stupid Head 8, but as he is 2 months old now, he is mostly independent. A shame the incident of Stupid Head 4's illness coincided with this otherwise I could have recorded his development. Considering he was the only one to hatch and did so relatively early, he could be a baby of Whitey 2, who was broody before the other 4, but he needs to grow bigger so that we can be certain.
He is mostly white, has more black feathers than Squash did. Has very fluffy feet, which Stupid Head 8 doesn't. Don't know who the father is until again he grows bigger.

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Mar 21, 2020
If they are CCLBx LS, why do some have feathery feet?
Beautiful birds.
I am guessing it is because the ones we originally got were hybrids of their own. The original Cream legbar hen that we got was brown, the cockerel seemed to be a hybrid too, looking like a smaller, more puffed up version of Jerry. The original white sussex hens that we got all had fluffy feet. Perhaps it is the bantam part of their genes coming out.

But CCLB and LS are the observed dominant genes which is why I mentioned them as such.
I am not sure for certain because I was too young and too busy with other things at the time they were acquired.


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May 21, 2017
You have some very unique crosses! I’d say, from the round body and tail shape, feathered feet, broodiness, and general fluffiness, that they could have some cochin bantam in them as well. :)

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Mar 21, 2020
Then I doubt they were pure, if not another breed entirely.
Bantams and fluffy feet aren’t linked, so that makes no sense.
Like I said, I don't know for certain. Those were the breeds my parents claimed they were derived from. From looking at them, I didn't object because they did look similar. I didn't even notice that the feathery feet wasn't part of either breed until you mentioned it.

One thing I forgot to mention is that half of them have pink/redish feet, the other half have grey feet. Stupid Head 4 had Grey feet and pink toes. Stupid Head 7 almost has a metallic looking combination of the 2.
Squash has Green feet.
Mop has yellowy green feet.

Don't know if that helps with the breed identification or not.

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