The Summoning

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    Hope I posted this in the right section.

    I like to write I do not think I am too good but I know you guys would enjoy it.

    I. A Night In The Wood

    It was twilight in the North Carolina Piedmont, and the dark clouds were drifting lazily over the sky. And the full moon’s appearance was bright against the black. In the bright light of the moon you could see three families sitting around a fire, in the middle of a clearing in a wood. The early spring breeze was lazily floating through the air.
    Of the three families the eldest of them decided to go on a walk through the wood that they knew all too well. The eldest of the five was named Raynon, next came her sister Crissy , the third and fourth of the group were the same age. The first was Narod, Raynon and Crissy’s brother, and then there was Argon. And lastly but not least was Crision. Now of the five they were all intelligent and loved to read, but none more so than Raynon. Crissy was very good swordswoman, but if you gave her a choice she would most defiantly pick her quarterstaff and if she had it you best hope that you are fast on you feet. And as you retreat she shall shout to the heavens “coward!” Narod was one of facts and happened to have a hobby as a blacksmith and he wasn’t that bad either. Argon was the tactical director of the group and a natural born leader, and lastly Crision. Crision was smart when it came to animals and he could tell you almost everything about any of them, he also had a wit as sharp as broken glass.
    As the three got to one of there favorite meeting places in the wood, which was a huge slab of bedrock that sprouted out of the ground. They decided that they would try to play a game of hide and seek in the darkness of the wood. So they decided the civilized way, of course of who would be it, they had a realistic sword fight.
    As they were slashing about with wooden swords they found that they had wandered down into the middle of the wood where a babbling brook quietly flowed. Well at that point they had grown wary and had decided that the five of them would sit on the largest tree that had fallen all the way across the river.
    When they were sitting there just talking about this and that, the youngest noticed something that he had never seen before here. In the distant end of the brook he saw a multicolored light glowing and shifting. He then looked at the others and said “shush” “look over there” he pointed to the light. Just then the lights started to move straight for them. They froze in shock then the lights came to the part of the brook that was right under their feet, and just floated there, Swirling in five different colors. They stared at it dumbfounded until Raynon which was the sensible one of the group said”it must be a reflection of something and nothing else”. But then as the full moon rose over the trees and in the sky over them and the reflection of the moon stopped right over the lights, and it happened.
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