The sweetest barn cat in the world


Sep 30, 2018
I wanted to make a quick post because this was just so cute. I have a barn cat named Muffin. Last week we roasted a lamb and while I sorted leftovers I let Muffin in to eat scraps. She was so grateful she immediately moved to be let out and returned with a fat mouse for me. She has brought me some type of prey every day since for about a week now.
Yesterday another barn cats kitten choked to death on some kibble. Muffin was there and watched as I tried to save it and failed. Muffin watched me cry and bury the little kitten.
Now this morning muffin brings me my daily offering. But instead of a dead mouse or mole, shes brought me a baby squirrel. She is carrying it very gently and growling at any cat that comes near, which she usually doesnt do. Shes protecting it because it is ALIVE and uninjured. I open the door and she places it at my feet and washes it, purring. It tries to get away and she makes sweet little mother cat noises to it and picks it up by the back of the neck like a kitten and places it on my feet again.
So Muffin is a smart girl and is trying to replace my kitten I take it. Never seen such a thing in my life. I put the squirrel in a old canary cage I'd planted onions in. I'll let him go once Muffin falls asleep lol.

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