The sweetest Dove release Pic


12 Years
Mar 3, 2007
4 hours from Sydney Australia
A very special Funeral Dove Release:
This sweet little girl has just lost her beautiful mum.
The dove release was a lovely way to show her where her mum has gone to.
She pulled the lid open all by herself by pulling on a mauve satin ribbon and released 12 doves!
God Bless her beautiful little soul.
This is what I call a "Nugget" photo. We are all faced with adversity in our lives, but those small moments of joy (nuggets) help to keep us all afloat.

My prayers are with that young gal and her family.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment.
Yes, i went out and got a lovely frame to give to her dad!
Its a lovely pic, i have it as a screensaver. I also came home and made a CD and copied the pics onto that and drove to where the wake was and gave it to the nice fellow who was organising things for the family, he was so impressed and loved the pics, i also printed them off and put them in a nice card so he could show people straight away.
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Sad and beautifull at the same time! Bantymum....what an exceptional woman you are. So very sweet to make copies of the pics for them. It will serve as a wonderfull memory for that sweet child.

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