The tale of Lilah (story) =D

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    Chapter one: it begins

    I hate school. I hate school projects. I hate chicken eggs. Those where the only thoughts I could convey in my head at 6:00 A.M. this morning from under my soft 500 count thread green comforter.
    “Jess wake up!” my mom called from down stairs in our black and white styled kitchen. “Today’s the big day! You have to check the temps in your incubator to make sure its ready for the egg!”
    “Yea…got it” I tried to say from under my comforter as I buried my head deeper into my pillow. I knew I was going to have to get up sooner and later, and the last thing I wanted was for my mom to come up and yell at me for all the cloths that were all over my floor that she kept telling me to put away.
    I stepped out of bed and walked over to my light brown dresser and began shuffling through to find jeans and a t-shirt, and then I walked to my nightstand to check the temps. 101 degrees and 54% humidity, all was in check. I grabbed my bag and headed down stairs
    “So are you excited?” my mom asked more enthusiastically than I could take at 6:30.
    “I guess you could say that…” I answered groggily.
    “Well you don’t sound very happy.”
    “Mom, I got to go, I’m… I’m going to be late.” I said as I headed towards the door.
    “But its only 6:45!” she yelled out to me as I closed the door behind.
    I breathed a sigh of relief as I headed to school, it was still dark out, but I would rather walk in the dark then answer my moms pointless questions.
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    Jan 23, 2009
    Chapter 2: school

    It didn’t take that long to walk the 6 blocks it took to get to school. It was 3 months into the school year, but I was getting used to being a freshman. It made it easier that our school was the smallest in the county. Then again, there aren’t many schools in Sullivan Illinois to compare with.
    I sat down on the bench with my headphones in my ear as I waited for some of my friends to show.
    “Hey jess!” I knew who was calling me well before I looked up, heck, I would know that voice from 2 thousand miles away! It was Marissa Meyer. Marissa was my friend since second grade on the day that I helped her get the sucker that Jay Roby had “accidentally” placed in her long brown curly hair out.
    “Hey Marissa” I called back to her as she came to sit next to me on the bench.
    “Can you believe were getting our own chicken eggs today! I haven’t been able to keep my hands off my incubator!” she said with more enthusiasm than my mother had, I almost gagged.
    “Yea, I could barely get my socks on before I left the house this morning!” I said with heavy sarcasm.
    “Are you ever excited about anything?”
    “Of course I am, I'm excited for this day to be over, oh and I am excited for this year to be over, that’s two things.” I said as we both began to laugh.
    “Whatever” she said as she grabbed my arm “c’mon we have science first, and I don’t want to be the last one to pick out my egg!”
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    Chapter 3

    Marissa dragged me into Mr. Bells’ science classroom. We took our usual front row seat as we waited for the bell to ring. The room was empty, Mr. Bell wasn’t even there yet.
    “Your right marissa, it’s a good thing we got here half an hour early, god forbid Mr. Bell decides to get here early and pass the chickens eggs out to every one that didn’t show up this early!” I said with a tone that I felt guilty about later
    “You’re right, sorry for tearing you away from your blank staring into know were while sitting on that oh so comfy stone bench.” She said with a satisfied tone
    “Yea, well, whatever” that was the last thing we said to each other while we waited for Mr. Bell to come.
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    Jan 23, 2009
    Chapter 4

    The 20 minutes dragged until Mr. Bell stumbled into the classroom caring a big brown cardboard box. Marissa’s’ eyes popped up when she saw him with the box, and well, I cant say that my eyes were glued to the table when I thought of all the eggs in the box. He set the box down on the table and turned around to smile at us.
    “Well hello there girls! I’m guessing you got here early to sneak a peak at these beautiful bantam eggs!” he said eagerly.
    “Yea!” Marissa wasted no time answering his question.
    “Well then come up and take a look.” He said with a smile as he pulled the box open. Mr. bell was a very nice man, but he just wasn’t meant to do anything that involved anything having the slightest to do with hand eye coordination, or any coordination for that matter.
    Marisa grabbed my arm and pulled me up to his desk to look at the eggs. She looked in and starred with amazement.
    “Check it out!” Marissa said as she backed away and pushed me forward
    I sighed and looked into the box as I tried to look interested. I scanned over the box and came over one of the eggs that had a light blue tint, and that’s when it happened. It felt like I had completely no control over my body when I saw it, my arm sprang forward and I grabbed the egg faster than what I could comprehend at that point. I pulled the egg close to my body, as if I was trying to protect it from something.
    “Jessica, don’t worry, the eggs aren’t going anywhere” Mr. Bell said with an amused look on his face.
    “Yes, well, I-I was just, uhmm.” I decided to stop trying to explain.
    He put his hand out “here, ill take the egg and put it in a spot for you so no one will take it”
    “No, no its ok, I think ill hold on to it…” I tried to keep my composure as well as I could.
    The bell rang and Mr. Bell told us all to sit down.
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    Chapter 5

    I stepped into the house trying to go swiftly and quietly because I did not want to deal with my mom at this point. I ran up to my room and turned the light on. I opened my incubator, put the egg in as delicately as I could, and checked the temps. I felt oddly protective over the egg, like I would stand in front of a bus for it. Needless to say I wasn’t used to the feeling. I stared into the Bator, hoping for some kind of movement, these 21 days are going to be hell.
    “Jess! Time for dinner Hun!” my mom called
    “Ill be right down!” I called back. I grabbed my brush and pulled it through my shoulder length blonde hair then I made my way down stairs.
    “So how’s the new egg?” asked my mom as I took a seat at our light brown wooden dinner table with fresh salad and mashed potatoes on it.
    “Fine” I replied
    “Oh, Marissa called, I think she had a question about humidity or something on those lines”
    “Ill call her later” I hoped that my one word answers would end the conversation so I could eat and go back to watch my egg.
    “Your father will be home around 8” she said, hoping to start conversation, but I just nodded my head and from that point dinner went by pretty swiftly.
    I ran up stairs after I placed my plate in the sink. I went straight to the incubator, and when I looked in, the oddest thing had occurred. The egg began moving side to side, like it was about to hatch. I knew this was impossible because the egg was only a day old. I touched the window on the incubator and the egg began rolling towards it, as if it wanted to touch my hand. I kept my hand there and waited to see what was going to happen. The egg kept rolling until it hit the glass, and when it did my hand felt like it had been shocked and the egg began to sparkle. I immediately pulled my hand back, I had no idea about what had just happened, and I had no intention to find out. I walked over to the light switch, turned off the lights, and tried to fall asleep.
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    [​IMG] Good Luck! I will be checking in to see how your egg/chick does. [​IMG]
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    Nice, keep it going...

    Good luck with the egg.

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